Beratung Consultants: Pioneers of MEP Third Party Commissioning

Mihir Save, Director & Co-Founder

Mihir Save

Director & Co-Founder

Advisory or consulting plays an important role in any project. The critical role of any consultant or business growth advisory is to ensure the business stays afloat concerning business strategies, methodologies, and trends. Beyond their expertise and experience with a particular issue, consultants can offer some advantages over permanent staff. The Indian talent in the advisory is not just recognized within the country but also overseas. Many individuals from the country are working with top International advisory/consulting firms; Historically International advisory firms have dominated the consulting industry. Mumbai-based Beratung Consultants was formulated with an idea of changing the way consulting business is practised in India and the way the world looks at Indian consulting firms. The founders possess unique experience and backgrounds of working with various sectors such as Green Building, MEP Designs for Commercial & Industrial Sector, Oil & Gas, Pharma, Testing & Commissioning.

"At Beratung Consultants, we bring all these industries under a single roof which not just offers a unique proposition for our clients but also provides opportunities to the talent pool available in our country. Ever since our establishment, our journey with Beratung Consultants has been great evidence of trust shown in us by our clients and our talented team have ensured that we live up to our promises," says Mihir Save, Director.
The company offers an umbrella of services that includes MEP Design, Testing & Commissioning, Energy Simulations, Green Building Consulting and Audits or Operational assessments. A plethora of unique services along with a strong versatile team instrumental in their respective works is what makes them stand out in the crowd. Driven by the core values of Integrity, Commitment & Sincerity, teamwork, innovation & technology and continual learning, Beratung has carved a niche in the industry. "Our team has a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities. Every team member is empowered and encouraged to ex-press their views and are also made a part of the key decision making that drives collaborative approach which is an important factor for efficient operations," asserts Mihir.

Driven by the core values of Integrity, Commitment & Sincerity, teamwork, innovation & technology and continual learning, Beratung has carved a niche in the industry

MEP 3rd party Commissioning
A decade ago, 3rd Party commissioning was a non-existent profession and there were barely any consulting firm offering this in the industry. In India, this service was dominated by top international firms who operated from South-East Asian regions Singapore & Hong Kong. With a growing ingress of Multi-national firms in India for whom 3rd Party Verification was a non-negotiable step in any of their projects. Beratung Consultants not just changed this by making this service locally available but also groomed a talent pool over last decade in the country which has now enabled to offer this service 100 percent locally and also created a platform for local talent for global exposure & recognition. Over the past decade, the company has worked with top International Investment Banking, IT, Corporate firms and it continues to be a leading firm for 3rd Party Commissioning Management after a decade long journey. "Our team members have set the tone for MEP 3rd party commissioning in the region and are practising it for more than a decade. Our experts offer all necessary solutions required in MEP 3rd Party Commissioning space," Mihir mentions.

The Growth
With a humble beginning from a team of three individuals, today Beratung houses a team of over 25 employees. It has completed more than 15 Million sq. ft. of projects across Pan India and has offices in Mumbai, Bangalore & Pune. The team has plans to expand operations to South-East Asian Regions and also add a few more dimensions to its advisory services.