Bizwin Consulting: Offering Proven Prospecting Methodologies, Latest Sales Techniques & Effective Skill Improvement Content To Boost Sales Force Productivity

Aurijit Ganguli,Managing Director

Aurijit Ganguli

Managing Director

Companies are facing immense challenges like insufficient demand, slow revenue, long sales cycles, shrinking margins, and loss of market share, to name a few. And, with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, these problems have impacted the business even further. In such a scenario, having an efficient and motivated sales team serves as the backbone for any organization to navigate through such challenges.

Backed by a team of global sales veterans and a solid history of serving multinational clients, Bangalore-based Bizwin Consulting brings in a unique SAGE framework and ADVICE methodology. These enable its clients to grow both revenue and margin, faster than their competitors. Bizwin’s group-sessions and individual guidance helps the Salesforce of any B2B organizations to diagnose the root cause of the challenges they are facing today, and address those with sustainable effectiveness.

Bizwin has just launched its cloud-based Sales training product called SALES360E. This encompasses the next-gen Selling concepts and techniques, and provides micro-learning inputs in an adaptive and customized way for any B2B organizations. Bizwin's practical approaches and hand-holding to boost salesforce effectiveness have earned the appreciation of many prominent MNCs and industry associations like NASSCOM.
Back in April, May, and June 2020, Bizwin conducted a six-part Webinar for NASSCOM for 300 SME IT companies in India to help them cope with the difficult situations IT companies were facing due to Covid related business downturn. Some of the tricks and methodologies suggested during that training have proved to be very effective for the clients, moving forward.

Recently, the team at Bizwin has launched a novel Value-selling approach that helps B2B organizations develop comprehensive mechanisms to improve their margin and thought leadership.

SALES360E: A Comprehensive range of Self-Training Modules
In response to the heavy demands from several organizations for consulting and short-term training, Bizwin ported its entire training content on an AI-driven platform called RapL via a partnership with a cutting-edge AI platform company called LinkStreet.

Bizwin ported its entire intellectual property and training content on an AI-driven platform called RapL via a partnership with an AI platform company called Link Street

The online self-paced program named ‘SALES360E’ is a highly powerful way of improving salesforce effectiveness. There are 10 modules and 25 sub-modules in the entire training content, and it's a cloud-based subscription product. The participants have to progress from module to module to unlock the next logical learning topic. The entire content is designed as an adaptive and personalized self-learning experience, through rich libraries and interactive Q & A mechanisms. The artificial intelligence (AI) at the backend ensures phased repetitions in the learning process. This reinforces optimum knowledge retention of every participant. And the gamification adds to the fun quotient, in addition to the sophisticated analytics and reports.

Venturing Towards a Non-Linear Growth Trajectory
Consulting as a service is primarily driven by the number of engagements done. There is always a cap when it comes to scalability. Over the years, the proven results of its clientele(including Oracle, TVS group, TeamLease, Cosmo Films and others) have inspired Bizwin to bring its intellectual content online through a SALES360E. This, along with a game-changing Forecasting product in its pipeline, Bizwin is well poised for a non-linear growth model where the expanse of scalability is exponential.