Bluecrest HR: Generating Prolific Manpower Using Proprietary Database & a Flawless Process

Sachin S Jog,Founder & CEO

Sachin S Jog

Founder & CEO

The past few decades of the oil, gas and energy companies have witnessed severe resource scarcities, creating a war-hunt for talent, seeking new skills to act as translators between business needs and providing business solutions. Realizing the dire need to compose this rush-hour, 2017-founded Mumbai-based Bluecrest HR, comes to the rescue by deploying efficient workforce to meet the over whelming demands of its clients in this industry.

Delivering impeccable services using its uniquely designed RPO (Recruitment-Process Outsourcing) model, the company once produced a quality-based, efficient bunch of candidates to a large Refining & Petrochemical conglomerate in India. Utilizing its exclusive ASSESS (Ask, Study, Screen, Evaluate, Short-list, Schedule) table, Bluecrest understood client’s demands better and churned out the best of the best accordingly, which helped it to achieve an outstanding 4:1 selection ratio. The flawless system at Bluecrest HR breaks new grounds standing as a one-stop-end working with clients in India & the MENA (Middle-East &
North-African) regions for the past decade providing proficient talents in areas like Oilfield services, Drilling, Maintenance & inspection, Health Environment & Safety, Refining, Process engineering, Plant Shutdown and QA/QC.

"Proffering HR functions like Executive-search, Staffing-solutions, and Payroll-management, Bluecrest HR has installed a unique Data Warehouse system with over 150,000resumes"

Network of Efficient Human Resources
Thoughtfully working-out and putting together two-words to describe its purpose, Bluecrest (denoting depth/cool & peak) has formed an interesting 'puzzle-piece' concept, wherein it becomes a part of its client company to find the missing pieces of puzzle and complete their team with a competent employee-base. Proffering HR functions like Executive-Search, Staffing-solutions, and Payroll-management, the company has installed a unique Data Warehouse system with over 150,000 resumes.

Bluecrest follows a systemic approach to its business focusing on simplifying candidate selection, ensuring that clients have only the cream to choose from and a hiring-process that certains cost-saving in long run, along with end-to-end support, flexibility, scalability, strategic expertise and time. With its well-defined expertise and reputation, the company goes head-on with the challenges it faces, fostering a team of self-motivated, dynamic and highly-qualified professionals to
deliver their professional services on a PAN India basis advancing to newer-heights of the HR realm.

An Ethical Organization
The company engages in hiring effective bulk Fixed-Term Employees (FTE)who have specialized expertise and are assigned projects in the areas of Maintenance, Petrochemical and annual plant-shutdown activity. With this workforce,the clients capacitate achieving short-term tasks that exceed their current capabilities, thus creating a huge pool of talent from where they can cherry - pick the best employees. “We take utmost pride in being ethical and fostering an environment of sincerity in all business interactions,” remarks Sachin S Jog,Founder & CEO, Bluecrest HR.

After launching Buzz Corporate Services as a Staffing & Selection Services provider in 2004, which emerged successfully with prestigious clientele(DHL, Airtel, Reliance Life Insurance & more) and establishing New Horizon Search Services in 2010 to address the needs of overseas clients, Sachin incepted Bluecrest to ensure consolidation of both those businesses and take it to the next level with new branches. Currently serving an esteemed clientele like the Oil & Gas –Worley Parsons(Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain), Al– Hasan Group in Oman, Genoa Industries in Kuwait, Valentine Maritime Drilling in UAE and more, Bluecrests future roadmap features its plans to open branches in Pune & Chennai and to grow to a team of 50 and add clients in the staffing and executive search.