Born To Win: Transforming Human Resource into Human Capital

Ram Kumarr Seshu, DirectorSwami Vivekananda once famously said, “We are what or thoughts have made us; so take care about what you think.” Holding true in the corporate world too, the importance of the right mind-set cannot be denied. Helping individuals, teams and enterprises develop the right mind-set for success is Born To Win Learning Services, a Bangalore headquartered L&D firm. “We believe that an individual’s thought process is influenced by the inputs you receive. Hence, in order to change ones thoughts, one needs to change his mind-set through the right inputs. We facilitate the same through our well-structured programs,” explains Ram Kumarr Seshu, Director, Born To Win. The firm’s multi-tiered people transformation processes and interventions act as a catalyst for the growth and development of organizations. The company strives to enable client organizations make gains in sectors such as productivity, time management, team building and quality.

Born To Win possesses competency in rendering solutions across various industry verticals such as IT, retail, agri, finance, machinery manufacturing, financial institutions and automobiles among others. With offices in Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai, the firm has impacted the lives of over 100,000 individuals by changing their thought process and enabling them to take positive actions.

Born To Win focuses on building confidence which is the underlying factor responsible for achieving the aforementioned goals

Building Confidence - One Engagement at a Time
It is crucial for organizations to be proactive in anticipating customer needs in order to avert going into a fire fighting mode. Individuals must also avoid getting trapped in the comfort zone and must believe in themselves and their abilities. Born To Win focuses on building confidence which is the underlying factor responsible for achieving the aforementioned goals.

Dilip krishna,Director

To this effect, the firm has designed four platforms or programs that vary in time frame and objectives. Winning to Lead, the firm’s flagship offering is aimed at aligning individual and team goals to the organizational big picture. Inspire and Win, the company’s other key offering is intended to work on the supervisory level. “There is a constant movement of people up the ladder at any given time in any organization,” explains Ram. Inspire and Win helps individuals grasp the changing leadership dynamics.

Bringing teams Together
In today’s global environment, enterprises often have teams scattered all across the nation or globally. In such scenarios, dealing with a specific
challenge can be an uphill task for various teams. Aimed at bringing different components of a team together to work on a focused idea is Winning Edge, a one-day program offered by Born To Win. The company also renders Winning Teams, a program developed for the benefit of an enterprise’s senior management team. Designed to bring team members on the same page or to help them align to a new thought process, the program has been successfully utilized by various organizations.

Dipti Rakumar,Director

Succeeding Along With Client Success
Having been in the L&D space for 15 years, the firm has worked with over 250 organizations which include SMEs, startups and well established firms. Ram attributes the company’s success to the team’s approach of working with pre-determined results. Focus on remedying specific client challenges helps Born To Win deliver stellar results. The firm has also built a remarkable team of trained facilitators that helps the company rapidly scale up based on a project’s requirements. Adept at working with an entire spectrum of employees, Born to Win has been working towards transforming Human Resource into talented Human Capital. Keeping up with its ambitions, the firm’sfocus this year will be SME and startups, apart from expanding its reach across cities and increasing team size.