Brad Realty: Nurturing Clients' Real Estate Ambitions with Integrity & Innovation

Swastika Pathak,   Proprietor

Swastika Pathak


With Bangalore emerging as a hot spot for real estate activities, property consultants have a crucial role to play in facilitating communication and empowering clients with their knowledge and market insights. Trends from across the country indicate a shift towards urban migration, especially increasing demand for housing in outlying areas surrounding developed areas. Based in Bangalore, Brad Realty is a full-service real estate company which strives to be a profitable leader in the residential, commercial, and retail sectors. Brad Realty meets client needs and will continue to develop and maintain valuable sustainable development for the local community. The firm’s vision is to achieve the highest standards in the real estate market and position the company as the leading and preferred business model.

Brad Realty specializes in a wide range of real estate projects across various sectors of the industry. “We specialize in real estate services, including sales, leasing, and rental services. In addition, we are actively involved in selling new services to investors and first-time homebuyers, ensuring a smooth and highly satisfying transaction. Aware of our clients’ needs, we also thrive in the resale market, making it easier to buy and sell pre-owned properties. Our expertise extends to the management of properties owned by NRIs, providing end-to-end services such as lease arrangements, maintenance, and buy-

to-let buyers”, speaks Shaukeen Pathak, COO of the company. At the heart of the business is a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. The firm’s customer-centric approach is embedded in every aspect of its business, with a focus on providing tailored solutions and exemplary service. As a testament to the firm’s dedication, over 90 percent of the customers have expressed satisfaction, and a significant portion of business comes from referrals. This confirms the firm’s reputation as a trusted partner in the real estate industry, committed to success by exceeding expectations for the clients.

With our expertise, commitment & client-centric approach, we pave the way for easy communication & empower our clients to make informed decisions

Brad Realty puts the needs of its clients first in its premium marketing approach by offering individualized property analyses and knowledgeable recommendations based on the client's preferences. The company provides complete end-to-end services, staying actively involved in property sales, rentals, and management for clients moving from the time of initial booking to possession and beyond. The firm’s consulting-style service caters to IT professionals and other industry professionals, emphasizing ethics and integrity.

“I manage administration and development, while my wife Swastika Pathak Proprietor of the company handles secondary sales and property management services along with Jamuna and Harish and Amitesh Chand, Vice President Sales and CRM handles primary business. We prioritize accountability and transparency, maintaining clear communication and commitment adherence. Our CRM system tracks client interactions, ensuring follow-ups, and we prioritize client satisfaction throughout every transaction, from bank loans to registration and handover processes”, says Shaukeen.

“In terms of our future roadmap, my vision is to have at least 5,000 clients who see us as their go-to advisor, similar to family doctors and lawyers on estate matters reliable relationships. Whether they are looking for guidance in buying, selling, or managing their property, they will turn to us for expert advice and support. We are committed to realizing this vision by 2030, and strengthening our position as an enduring mentor to over 5000 clients”, adds Shaukeen. With a dedication to quality and a client focused methodology, the company wants to be an all-inclusive and easily accessible property advisory service.