Brainiac IP Solutions: Providing Quintessential IPR Services On Time

Suneet Sabale, Founder & CEO

Suneet Sabale

Founder & CEO

We are all aware how costly the four year long fight of Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics was, and how each side shelled out hundreds of millions of dollars in their legal bills to answer the fundamental questions. Samsung was almost fined around $1 billion to Apple for integrating the software and lack of IP. Since India does not take IPR protection seriously (taking countless examples in everyday life such as cosmetics, fake watches, stamps, software, music & movies), it results in significant loss to respective companies. And ignorance is no bliss when it comes to IP, as tragically many companies are being pushed out of the industry due to increasing invasion of foreign entities with strong IPs in the country. To avoid such sensitive encounters, Brainiac IP solutions came into existence in 2010 to provide reliable IP services for business of all size, both in India and abroad. The Pune headquartered company scrutinizes every application closely to endow their clients with cost-effective yet timely services. Obsessed with offering high quality of services and looping the client in with timely updates has aided the company in building a good number of trusted relationships for more than five years.

With high-end experts in techno-legal profession, Brainiac is transparent in processing the documentation and offers quality services in the shortest period of time adhering to global standards, which differentiates the company from its competitors.

Catering the Best

Brainiac provides a wide range of services in the field of Intellectual Property Rights which are designed to cater various requirements of businesses such as Patent Services, Patent Analytic, Design Registration, Trademark Services and Copyright. It's really stress releasing for organizations to get a legal expert like Brainiac who can deal in diverse domains like Mechanical, Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Electrical, Electronics, Energy and Biotechnology, and provide the clients with information, analysis,advices, strategies and other services.

The company has a philosophy of valuing the profession first and then the business. With high-end experts in techno-legal profession, Braniac is transparent in processing the documentation and offers quality services in shortest period of time adhering to global standards, which differentiates the company from its competitors. With time and successful projects, Brainiac has
gained the trust of customers who are confident about the company's long and successful existence within the industry. Though Brainiac do not practice world wide, but if required, it explores its vast international law resource and associate with its colleagues in the respective countries to take care of the matter.

Drawing Atlas

Understanding R&D and then taking patent application requires highly skilled brains. Apprehending this, Brainiac has hired the bright talents of the industry to stand true to its name (Brainiac - a person with more brain/intellect). The company hires people only with years of experience and provides on-job training with a dedicated project. With flexible work timings option, Brainiac's dedicated resources like associates, in-house counselors, senior counselors and trusted external counselors, caters authentic services for clients to exploit IP for making huge profits.

Suneet Sabale, Founder & CEO of Brainiac and a visiting faculty at Pune University, has being invited by various colleges to deliver guest lectures and by industries to create awareness about identifying the property to be protected and choosing the right professionals to secure their IP. Quite optimistic about technology growth that will further enhance the IP market, Brainiac is planning to build a platform in near future where individual investors can show case their IP and companies can buy them. Suneet concludes,"Apart from this, we will soon spread our wings to major states including Gujarat,Delhi Madhya Pradesh, Goa and Karnataka".