Buck for India: The Cynosure of Credit Collection, Handling Debtors the Ethical Way

Lenin Jose,CEOAfter scrutinizing the harassment behaviour inflicted by debt collecting sharks upon their targets, the government passed Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) in 1977 to prohibit 'any harassing, unfair and deceptive collection practice'. Since then, the industry has come a long way with professionalism, politeness, respectful collectors and extensive consumer protections etched in its structure. Accruing bad debts within legal environment and civil engagement is Noida-based Buck for India (B4I), a B2B accounts receivable management company succoring customers to increase their cash flow through debt collection and clear ongoing invoice on time.

Ensconced in 2015 by Lenin Jose (CEO), B4I caters to every business spectrum with its team of 110 ninjas stationed across all metropolitan cities – Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru and Kerala, and collects clients’ payments from PAN India including remote locations. While its unique ‘Pay for Success’ revenue model solidifies clientele trust, execution of time-bound assignments ensures bad debts recovery within agreed time
frame, thus fulfilling over 98 percent commitments.

Escalating Cash Flow Ethically
Despite the odds that debt collection knocks court’s door too often, B4I has created niche space in the market by offering unparalleled credit collection services legitimately. While the company’s ongoing invoices collection service helps clients reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) within agreed credit line, its overdue payments collection provision enables recovery of four months-three years pending payments, wherein the company experts personally visit debtors, understand their challenges and concurrently provide specific solutions for the benefit of both the client and the customer. Under statutory forms collection service, B4I collects statutory forms (C, I, H, F & D-1) and submits to respective departments on-time, hence assisting clients to avoid government penalties. Meanwhile, for customer credit management, the company runs background check on customers to identify credit limit extension, avoid boarding of bad paymasters and eventually brings down bad debtors percentage.

"B4I has created niche space in the market by offering unparalleled credit collection services legitimately"

When driving businesses, many fail to follow-up for payments while others fall prey to customer’s intentional non-payment behavior and internal miscommunication gaps, which gradually shrinks profits and lead the companies to bankruptcy. To help clients mitigate such quandaries, B4I’s trained
professionals take charge to effectively manage credit collection space, allowing clients to keep their business focus intact, and hence is the company’s association with over 100 top Indian companies and MNCs. “Within four months, we have been able to reduce their overdue payment up to 60 percent, while DSO has come-down from 120 days to 70 days with steady maintenance. Alternatively, clients’ percentage of bad paymasters has reduced and statutory form pendency has come down to 5-10 percent,” affirms Lenin.

A Name to Reckon With
Adhering to Corruption Acts, including NDA & FCPA, B4I follows U.S. & UK guidelines and ethical practices for customer management, enforces internal quality checks for prompt and proper delivery of commitments and operates client data under special vigilance only. Simultaneously for employees, mandatory training is provided for understanding importance of activities, deadlines and handling procedures. Lenin adds, “The collection process, communication skills and present ability are also touched upon, enabling our employees to approach customers in a very professional manner and maintain customer relationships”.

Graphing an annual turnover of Rs.2.5 crore last fiscal year, B4I has plans pipelined for opening offices in all Tier-2 cities with focus on mid-level and startup companies. On the innovation facet, the company is developing customized cloud-based reporting system and a mobile app, deploying which the clients can check real-time collection & invoice status of each customer.