Calsoft: Navigating Businesses Towards Gen AI by Facilitating Seamless Integration

Anshul Bhide,  Executive Director

Anshul Bhide

Executive Director

Generative AI (GenAI) has emerged as a prominent buzzword causing a stir across various industries. GenAI enables businesses to streamline processes, optimize workflows, and enhance customer experience. However, many organizations require guidance to incorporate GenAI into their workflow. Comprehensive support is needed to formulate strategies to determine which functions within the organization should adopt GenAI and to facilitate the implementation process including decisions on LLM models and technology stack selection. Helping such businesses by offering holistic assistance is Calsoft from Pune, India.

Calsoft is India's leading GenAI consultant and technology-first partner, providing digital and product engineering services. Established by Dr. Anupam Bhide, Founder and CEO of Calsoft, the company is dedicated to guiding its clients through the seamless integration of GenAI into their workflows to boost productivity and efficiency. The firm is committed to supporting its clients through every stage of the process has made it a trusted partner in this space. Moreover, the company helps its customers overcome their business challenges using the latest technologies in storage, virtualization, networking, security, cloud, AI/ML, IoT, and telecommunications domains.


Calsoft was started by Dr. Anupam Bhide and his wife Sharmila Bhide, Co-Founder and CFO in 1998. It originally began as a product
engineering company focused on storage, networking and virtualization technologies. The company expanded its offering to offer AI and ML services in 2015, and eventually ventured into GenAI in 2022. Since then, Calsoft has been serving large Fortune 500 enterprises by incorporating GenAI to enhance workflow efficiency and productivity by leveraging Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) apps to create co-pilots and chatbots. It also partners with enterprise clients to build foundational GenAI technologies including fine-tuning open-source models on customer data and curating data for model optimization.

Calsoft’s commitment to supporting its clients at every stage of the process has made them a trusted partner in this space

“We are a product engineering company. It is in our DNA to build products. We are hardcore technologists. This is our key differentiating factor, and we use this to help customers integrate AI into their products and workflows”, says Anshul Bhide, Executive Director. Calsoft has an expert team with profound technical knowledge building software products which helps in offering best-in-class industry practices to develop customized solutions for client requirements and add value through technological innovation.

Furthermore, Calsoft prioritizes the ethical use of services throughout the development to deployment and user interaction. Privacy and security are ensured by implementing endto-end encryption of user data and by maintaining a publicly accessible privacy policy. Besides, regular assessments are conducted for risks and automated monitoring tools are used to track service usage and data handling practices in real-time.

In addition, regular training sessions are provided for the employees on ethical data handling practices along with educational resources to raise awareness about privacy risks and best practices. The firm has a compliance team in place to ensure adherence to ethical guidelines and perform regular audits throughout the service lifecycle. Users’ and stakeholders' feedback is utilized to identify areas for improvement and address any ethical concerns. Likewise, ethical principles are actively promoted through user education campaigns and community engagement initiatives.

Going forward, Calsoft will continue to mature and stay abreast of the technological trends by utilizing its industry partnerships with technology and product companies. By working on cutting-edge products and with continuous learning, the company intends to leverage GenAI and its possibilities and thereby evolve into a key player in this landscape. Above all, the firm looks forward to hitting a hundred million dollars in revenue in the coming four years.