Canopus: A specialized firm providing SAP Consultation Services for over 120 customers

Y. K Naidu,CEOSAP software is one such technology that is growing at a significant CAGR of 7.5%. It is expected to hit the US $90 billion mark by 2020. In India over 80% of SMEs are clients of SAP and the market is experiencing a rising demand for technical specialists and functional consultants. Anticipating this demand, industry veterans Ravi Athmakuri, Y K Naidu and SS Reddy founded Canopus Global Business Services in 2014. With a cumulative experience of over 20 years they set out on a mission to develop SAP tools to accelerate the movement of Cloud Migration as required by the market.

Canopus, today, is an Expert Database Consulting Company specializing in SAP and Analytics. Providing a bundle of services including BASIS support, SAP Platform Migration and other SAP Life Cycle projects that include Upgrades, Business Continuity (DR), Performance Optimization, ILM, Multi-layer Tuning (App, Network, DB, HW, Storage), RCA and issue resolution for extremely complex problems in SAP environments, SAP HANA support and migrations, and SAP Basis on Demand BOD.

"At Canopus we have developed core competency in SAP and Cloud migration (on premise to cloud and cloud to cloud). With
razor sharp focus in the areas of SAP and Business Analytics that were identified by us a couple of years back. From this year, Canopus has started building its competency in providing Cloud Infra Services to complement its core business service offering. In addition, we also have our Webapps and Mobile-apps development managed by a specialized team based out of our Bangalore office," says, Y. K Naidu, CEO, Canopus-GBS.

Canopus, while being a proficient player of database management and administration, also provides comprehensive and technically advanced support in core database practices. By ensuring the client's databases are safe, secure, and managed with the utmost level of care and expertise. This has been possible with the development of five significant tools by Canopus. Namely Canopus SDOM, Canopus CARE, Green Leaf, Recruit, and Email Marketing Tool MAILIT.

It expanded its suite to other areas like SAP Functional Consulting and Projects in the areas of Single Sign-on, Compliance, Vulnerabilities, SAP Security and SAP Mobile Apps

"Launched with just a team of 3 people, Canopus is on an exponential growth path and has garnered a huge client base over the course of the last five years crores in the last five years. The team started with just one service offering in the area of SAP Migration. But has quickly expanded its suite to other areas like SAP Functional Consulting and Projects in the areas of Single Sign-on, Compliance, Vulnerabilities, SAP Security and SAP Mobile Apps. The team has grown vastly in strength and capabilities and services over 120 customers. Having gained the confidence of its customers Canopus is more than capable of executing multiple projects simultaneously as opposed to just 2-3 projects five years back which is a very significant achievement", states Y.K Naidu.

"Our vision is to bring in automation and improve the operational efficiencies in our customers' SAP environment. We are executing projects for a few customers in Malaysia and Singapore. The aim is to expand our footprint to Southeast Asian, UK, Europe and US markets as well. We are in the process of revamping our business and once the pandemic is behind us, we will be well on our way to reach our revenue goals and carving out a niche for ourselves in the market," quips Y.K Naidu.