Career Guru: Expert Career Consultation Delivered Through Scientific In-depth Analysis

Dr. Swati Abhishek Mishra,Founder DirectorIncreasing competition, emerging career scopes, varied locations, and global choice are key drivers of the career consultation industry. An expert analysis and consultation can chart a pathway and route a student’s career in a stream synchronistic to their aptitude, ability, passion, and economic viability. However, truth is that the majority of commission-dependent career consultants in India lack proper exposure, academic credibility,and training which leads to incompetent advise and consequent sub-optimal career choices by students. Cases of wrong advise and pushing students for ‘free’ admissions on which consultants earn huge commissions abound in this industry. Students and parents must remember there is no free lunch.

Career Guru, a dominant player in the education consulting industry is led by Dr. Swati Abhishek Mishra, a Master’s in Business Studies from University of Cambridge in collaboration with MIT, USA and a PhD in Strategy and Marketing from University of Cambridge. She is a former Professor of Strategy at IIM Lucknow, and has served as an external consultant to IIM Ahmedabad’s report for Sixth Central Pay Commission. She was a Cambridge Commonwealth Trust scholar and has won multiple awards and scholarships while at University of Cambridge, the world’s highest ranked university. Swati has been a distinguished achiever in academics, management education and consulting for almost twenty years.
She is passionate about education and quality of learning. She believes that every child has the potential to lead and that every person has a right to right-mentoring. She is a thorough professional educated at best universities in the world and has extensive consulting experience. She has travelled extensively and spoken at top forums around the world. She is strongly against the current industry business model where counsellors push students into wrong choices for money and has set her goal for mentoring at least a Million students in her lifetime. She postulates her vision simply as: “Preparing a million change agents for making the world a better place”. She oversees every student profile personally even if they are mentored by other mentors in the Team Career Guru, which now operates across four locations – Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon and Lucknow.

We don’t prescribe the same career pathway for any two students. Each student is unique and we respect that

Swati says, “We don’t prescribe the same career pathway for any two students. Each student is unique and we respect that. We understand that each student has multiple intelligences and our job is to help them identify and maximise their potential”.

Key Differentiators
Core mentors from distinguished universities like Cambridge, Oxford, MIT, Harvard, LSE, Cornell, IITs and IIMs are the most critical differentiators. These mentors have excelled in their chosen academic and professional domains and are expert in nurturing young students who are passionate achievers. This makes Career Guru a unique setup in India because the quality of mentors is unsurpassed. Their mentors continue to engage in the professional world while pursuing academic interests.

Future Projections
Over the years Career Guru has built capacity and capability while being extremely conscious of the quality of mentors and service delivery to students. Career Guru is one of India’s Top Ten Career and Education Consultancy providers in our survey. Career Guru offers Psychometric Testing, Career Counselling, Profile building, Studying Abroad, SAT, IELTS, Scholarship and Interview Preparation, Online testing for over 1300 exams, Financing Solutions, School & Summer School abroad, Visa, Travel and Accommodation assistance. Swati concludes, “I am committed to be a Mentor-for-life for our students in their career and life journey. I will enable and empower more than a million students in my lifetime. That will be a life well lived”.