Carmine Communications: Sculpting Reputation for Enterprises Creatively

Neville Carvalho, Partner,Minesh Raja, Partner

Neville Carvalho, Partner

Minesh Raja, Partner

It’s an age old story when PR agencies were perceived just a pigeon whose role was limited to communicate an organization’s message to the media /public. The new chapter has broader but more focused roles to be played by them, while involving clients at every step of the activity. Clients (MNCs and startups) look for such companionate alliances that can ensure RoI for every penny being spent, with higher level of flexibility in delivering services. Wearing the new-age PR Consultancy cloak is Mumbai-based Carmine Communications that puts its ten years of experience to its advantage to offer the perfect blend of services according to customers’ need.

Enabling the clients the flexibility, real turnaround time, quick response time and high level of senior involvement in every activity, the agency looks after all the marketing and communication needs of its clients. Carmine is highly experienced in offering brand communication, reputation management, crisis management, image building, media relations and internal communication/branding, and even helps startups accelerate their business. “Nowadays when a client gets us on-board, apart from traditional PR, they also turn to us
for ideas on design, branding, events, activation and digital media which was previously the domain of advertising and creative agencies. We rely on our astute business acumen and our expertise in healthcare, real estate, retail, FMCG, manufacturing, social development sector and many others to custom-design each activity and give clients a bang for their buck,” proclaims Minesh Raja, Co-Founder & Partner, Carmine Communications. Carmine brainstorms along with clients to understand the business opportunity the agency can deliver and the value add that it can bring.

We rely on our astute business acumen and our expertise in healthcare, real estate, retail, FMCG, manufacturing, social development sector and many others to custom-design each activity and give clients a bang for their buck

Knowing Carmine

Carmine doesn’t offer plain vanilla services or services in silos, but a perfect blend of what is required to address the particular need of the customer. Using its creative juices, the company has developed certain models for various industries it caters to, which helps it in designing strategies accordingly in no time. “We have developed certain models for real estate companies, a builder-buyer relationship program, to influence the buyers and build trust among them to get more enquiries. Similarly, for healthcare companies, we have modeled Key
Opinion Leadership (KOL)management programs where we have top doctors who become social awareness ambassadors. We strategize to build visibility for each of them, get their voice opinionated and more,” asserts Neville Carvalho, also Co-Founder and Partner at Carmine Communications.

The agency is also working with a cooperative bank to help them reach and engage with their potential customer base thereby generating business leads for the bank. It has also displayed social conviction in collaboration with a well-known NGO by involving in initiatives to ban tobacco and pan masala in the state of Maharashtra. Additionally, Carmine is working with Australia’s top University to create awareness in India about the university’s highly acclaimed research work and excellence in academics so as to build visibility and confidence among the Indian students community by spreading the words about the university’s intellectual capital, research capabilities, experienced faculties, and others.

Carmine provides its 15 people closely knit team occasional leadership training from industry leaders and encourages them to learn about the new tools emerging internationally to propagate information in a snap. This has helped the agency achieve double digit growth consistently YOY. With offices in Mumbai and Delhi and associates spread across the country (over 100 associates), the agency also leverages international affiliation with Australia-based Publishers International who has appointed Carmine as their exclusive India PR partner.“We will be serving inbound business from Australia through Publishers International, their clients in India by giving them support,” concludes Neville.