CCEPL: Shaping their work with Full Determination, Enthusiasm & Innovative Abilities

   Aman Deep,     Managing Director

Aman Deep

Managing Director

Structural Engineering services are transforming in a fast-moving global business environment. New construction technologies are being developed for faster construction and precast as well as composite construction is gaining momentum. In recent years, the confidence of the construction industry is shifting from general consultants to specialized expert consultants giving value based, hightech, persistent, and unbiased consultancy. Creative Design Consultants & Engineers Pvt. Ltd.(CCEPL) is a fast-growing multidisciplinary structural engineering consultancy organization established in 2009 and is an association of Hitech, energetic, experienced professionals. The organization has kept itself aligned with the constant shift in technology and design practices catering to the need of the clients.

The global awareness for sustainable development is pushing the clients to have all inclusive consultancy for construction, having exposure and understanding of international and national standards. Structural engineers are tasked to achieve a significant and sustainable performance of the buildings by optimizing the construction costs and manifested carbon footprints of the construction of raw materials. CCEPL is a technologically updated and research oriented organization working and delivering its consultancy projects having adequate structural performance, durability, sustainability, and on lifecycle cost based value engineering. The company takes up the structural safety audits and conducts required non-destructive and semidestructive testing of the structural elements. It has also been helping the client organizations by giving comprehensive training, covering all possible aspects of construction with the latest national/international updates for
construction durability and execution quality to the engineering teams with their project specific roles and responsibilities. "Clients rely on us for professional and ethical consultancy to achieve successful project completion and congenial experience", speaks Er. Aman Deep, Managing Director.

Entails Strong Vision with Client Centric Approach
CCEPL offers structural design consultancy and proof checking services along with structural safety audits, forensic investigations, building planning, retrofitting design, project management and value engineering services for all kinds of construction projects for local and international clients. The company works on topnotch technologies for high performance buildings with unique systems and devices like Base Isolators, Dampers and other energy absorption devices. "We design every consulting project as per the client's need by shaping our work with full determination, enthusiasm, engineering and innovative abilities", speaks Er. Barjinder Singh, CTO.

We design every consulting project as per the client's need by shaping our work with full determination, enthusiasm, engineering and innovative abilities

CCEPL delivers the projects considering the building's sustainability by exploring different design options, proposing unique engineering options such as with Seismic Isolation/force control devices, energy absorption devices and code compliant structural systems etc. and effectively providing better results with sophisticated analysis. The company delivers a strong structural engineering record comprising highly trained and skilled engineers who bring various challenging projects to reality. The organization has been working on consultancy projects spread over all parts of India as well as Middle East countries like UAE, Qatar, KSA,and others. The values and systems established by the founder Er Aman Deep, have helped the organization to grow and evolve with the changing market dynamics.

CCEPL is committed to a high level of professional ethics and is developing more robust systems to give high quality consultancy services. The organization plans to expand the project management services to all inclusive design services to bridge the gaps and effectively help in delivering quality construction projects with the best engineering. The core strength of structural consultancy would remain at the center of all the organizational activities, and they plan to add one vertical dedicated to the research and development for systems to achieve high durability of RCC structures, health monitoring and guidance for sustainability in construction sector. The organization see potential growth in the consultancy for tall buildings with structural safety against natural disasters as per latest technical and statutory requirements having faster construction technologies giving higher functional performance, and durability. "Considering the global growth estimates, we target to have around 50 percent growth(YoY) for the next three years", signs off Er Aman Deep.