CertPro: Enhancing Quality through International Standard Certifications

K R. Vijay Kumar & Santosh Kumar Mittall,  FoundersQuality determines the success of a business. International quality management systems such as the ISO have prescribed standards to be observed, for being treated as ISO certified organizations. Compliance with ISO standards is challenging and professional expertise and support can simplify the process. CertPro, a specialized agency, offers business consultancy and comprehensive advisory services to procure international certification.

Established in 2012, and headquartered in Bengaluru, CertPro is a solutions centered one-stop solution partner and a global company of consultants and auditors providing turnkey solutions for the client's consulting and certification needs. Founded and headed by K. R. Vijay Kumar and San-tosh Kumar Mittal, CertPro has a network of consultants and auditors in several countries in the Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Europe, and Africa. It is also represented in the United Kingdom, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Paraguay, Peru, Ukraine, and the United States.

CertPro assists firms in obtaining international standard certifications which help to improve processes, reduce costs, improve client confidence, and operate in the global markets. Generally, certified companies perform better and CertPro holds a rich exposure to the different sectors of the economy. The company's services comprise ISO 9001, 20000, 22301, 10002, 26000, 31000, 37001, and SA 8000 certifications for
for ITES industries, ISO 27001, 27018, and HIPAA, GDPR, PCI-DSS, SOC, HITRUST, and VAPT certifications for information security industries, ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, and GMP, ROHS, TQM certifications for Infra and manufacturing industries, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, HACCP, HA-LAL, GAP, and KOSHER certifications for food and beverage industries, ISO 17025, 13485, 22609 and CE Mark, GLP, GDP, and EN 14683 certifications for labs and medical devices industries. The firm also assists in obtaining industry-specific certifications such as ISO 21001, 41001, 50001, 29001, 21101, and ISO 20121.

Efficiency, effectiveness, economy, reliability, self-improvement, teamwork, innovation, and strong work ethics are the core values of the company. "It isn't enough to run a profitable business with the most advanced technologies and processes but to be able to address the needs of the people who are associated with it", says K.R. Vijay Kumar.

"It is important for us to know who we are as an organization, to know our worth. Only then can we do what we have envisioned for ourselves", adds Santosh Kumar Mittal.

Going the Extra Mile to Support the Client
CertPro handholds its clients through the certification process which is divided into nine clear steps. It begins with business process discovery and moves through scope optimization, gap assessment, remediation, internal audit, management review, preaudit assessment, external audit, and culminating in certification. CertPro helps the clients meet the prescribed standards. During the certification journey, CertPro studies the client's business processes, helps in optimizing the scope of applications, identifies deviations, suggests remedies, trains the staff in standard concepts, and helps conduct internal audits and management review meetings. It also prepares the client for external audits by assessing and documenting implemented processes. CertPro represents its clients during the external audit to ensure its smooth completion and has a 100 percent success rate in obtaining certifications. The firm's commitment, innovative mindset, and comprehensive and effective service distinguishes it from its peers.

CertPro has worked on more than 1900 projects and retained 70+ consultants. CertPro has worked with top companies such as WinPro Kuwait General Trading and Contracting, Business Gateways International, United Marketing Team, WBS Innovations, Aussie Web Applications, Be Cooling Limited, Biz Bulwark, Tiger Foods, and others located in more than 31 countries.

CertPro works in a coveted space and its vision is to become the global leader in the consulting, certification, and business advisory space while it strives to remain people-centric and grow as an organization while upholding its principles.