Chaitanya Projects Consultancy: Incorporates Best-in-Market & Cost-Effective Technologies to Render End-to-End PMC Services

Sanjay Kumar Sinha,  Managing Director ,Navin Kumar Goyal, CEO

Sanjay Kumar Sinha, Managing Director

Improving the country’s surface transportation infrastructure is essential to ensuring not only roadway safety, but also continued public mobility. In recent years, this need has become even more apparent with the collapsed and compromised integrity of several high-profile bridges. Increasing government funding initiatives to replace aging infrastructure provides another boost to this need. However, it becomes a herculean challenge for construction companies to facilitate enormous & quality delivery in a shorter turnaround time interwoven with safety parameters. This proposition in fact explains the high-demand of experienced Project Management Consultant (PMC)such as Chaitanya Projects Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.(CPCPL)– a leading name in Project Management Consultancy for civil engineering projects,including highways, expressways, bridges, transportation planning, road safety, railway gauge conversion and others across India and even abroad.

Besides offering end-to-end services, right from surveying, detailed project reports, construction supervision, technical support, and site assistance to contract management, the company also caters to all problems arising between conception to commissioning. To meet the highest standards in projects, CPCPL performs meticulous planning, prepares all
technical & commercial documents after completing the site survey and keeps every minute details of the project. “We believe in fully optimising the outcome of the work, while incorporating contingency plans and mitigating risks. Also, we strive to serve the cause of infrastructure development after understanding our client’s needs and meet their expectations on time and within the budget,” adds Sanjay Kumar Sinha, Managing Director, Chaitanya Projects Consultancy.

"We believe in fully optimising the outcome of the work, while incorporating contingency plans and mitigating risks"

A Powerhouse of Talent
While providing professional, dedicated & quality PM services, CPCPL follows a standard operating procedure, where in it incorporates best-in-market & cost-effective state-of-the-art technologies such as MBIUs (bridge inventorization), NSVs (check the roughness of the terrain), FWDs (pavement condition survey), retro reflectometers(examine road reflectivity), drones (photogrammetry), ATCC (accurate traffic survey), and LIDAR, among others. Indeed, being highly focused on timely delivery and customer centricity, this ISO-certified venture maintains two-level checks for all designs /drawing and thoroughly checks each machine/equipment for any faults /failures before deploying at construction sites. Atop, CPCPL encompasses International standards & best practices with due consideration to local market and environmental factors.

Established in 2004, CPCPL works with a team of dedicated workforce of 320 having international expertise in infrastructure disciplines (cable stay & extra dosed bridges, access controlled expressways and railway bridges) placed at 15+ offices countrywide. These employees undertake a planned series of activities and
implement innovative technologies whilst piloting projects, from start to end date. CPCPL provides them internal & external training from reputed institutes on recent design software & technologies(MIDAS and MX) and also endorses them for PMP certification. This broadens the perspective of an individual and enables them to embrace the upcoming changes and advancements. Along side, associates methodical and professional approach with a background of huge experience has resulted in tremendous cost saving and enhancement of value for money for many of its clients.

Navin Kumar Goyal, CEO

CPCPL caters to a prestigious domestic & international clientele (extending to Bhutan & Nigeria) that spans across multifarious government, semi-government & private organizations, including Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, NHAI, PWD (India) and ADB, AIIB, World Bank and EBRD funded projects (worldwide). Experiencing a whopping revenue growth of 55 percent in the last five years, the company is currently focusing on Asian Infrastructure development.“We have built our credibility in the world of construction & consultancy through humility and hard work. Rising from the ground and taking up the company to a level where every individual is approachable, we have maintained the humbleness that is required to sustain in a competitive environment,” concludes Navin Kumar Goyal, CEO, Chaitanya Projects Consultancy.