COENSUS: New-age Cross-generation Management Consulting Agency

Anand Banerjee, Founder & Business Leader

Anand Banerjee

Founder & Business Leader

In today’s era, one of the greatest challenges on the client’s side is the sense of redundancy due to excessive focus by service providers on conventional approaches of research and consulting. The focus of most of the consultants is towards balancing the act with their clients and thus steering away from presenting a radical point of view or suggesting unconventional strategies. Of course, this calls for strong logic and analogy. However, most consultants are apprehensive of clients’ reactions to their radical views and stick to delivering strictly within the scope defined by their respective clients rather than trying to widen the scope and provide tangible benefits of their consulting to their respective clients. Mumbai based COENSUS breaks this typecast. It believes in not just delivering as per client specifications and scope, but in delivering actionable and effective results which translate eventually into improved top lines and bottom lines for the clients.

The fundamental principles of Assess, Analyse and Adapt remain the driving forces behind COENSUS. The team at COENSUS work diligently towards effectively assessing their clients’ needs and then set out to assess the current conditions by applying advanced research techniques and extensive secondary as well as intensive primary research. The research findings are then analysed using conventional as well as new age qualitative and quantitative techniques. Based on our findings, we propose innovative
strategies for our clients to adopt, and thereby adapt to excel,” enlightens Anand Banerjee, Founder & Business Leader. What makes the company stand out in the crowd is the transparency that it retains with its clients and associates. “We’re disruptive in the way that we work with a massive network of Forty Plus associate companies in the areas of Market Research, Business Advisory, Branding, Marketing, Information Technology and several other verticals, and have a presence across 45 plus countries through our network of associates and strategic partnerships,’ he informs.

The team’s target is to set up an office in Southeast Asia and the Middle East within the next year, followed by physical presence in the US and Europe later on

Leveraging the core team’s several years of experience in the Research & Consulting domain and a very strong network among potential clients and peers alike, COENSUS believes in a cohesive, coherent existence along with its so called competitors. Anand says, “COENSUS as an entity is accountable for end to end delivery. This approach helps us foster a cooperative and harmonious existence within the industry.”

The Journey
Over the years, the company has managed on-boarding several clients and managing and executing a great number of projects. Initially, the focus was on building its infrastructure, network and bandwidth to be able to provide end to end solutions to the clients by being a one stop shop, however, everything fell in place and today it has garnered a bagful of prestigious clients as well as reputed companies as its strategic partners. The team has already made 40+ strategic partnerships with service providers across several verticals and across several geographies. “We have successfully executed two International projects for clients based in Africa and Southeast Asia, among several other domestic projects. Also, we are on the verge of completing formalities for opening our office in Johannesburg, South Africa,” asserts Anand.

The team’s target is to set up an office in Southeast Asia and the Middle East within the next year, followed by physical presence in the US and Europe later on. “We’ve carved a niche for ourselves presently in the Business Advisory space, and would continue to grow exponentially in that area. Our Digital Management vertical has got a severe boost with tie ups in India and Africa recently and also the acquisition of clients in India and South Africa, so that will be a segment to watch out for in the near future,” he concludes.