Confianza Recruitment Solutions: Providing Skilled Workforce through its In-Depth Market Insight

Vandana Hingorani Khurana,Founder OwnerIndia is the second largest refiner in Asia with 21 refineries, after China. According to India’s Ministry of Petroleum and Gas, the country produced 37.7 million tons of crude oil in 2013 and consumed 136 million tons of petroleum products. The number hardly shows any decline in the current scenario and with the additional factor of growing population pushing oil & gas industry forward, it calls for the need of highly skilled and industry oriented workforce, well aware of this niche market and its practices. Contributing to this highly specific requirement is Confianza Recruitment Solutions, harbouring an in-depth market insight and leveraging local as well as international recruiting solutions to help deliver the most skilled talent pool for major oil and gas projects across the globe.

An Edge over the Conventional
“We seek to represent the needs of the employing organisations and approach the interested candidates, rather than the other way around,” asserts Vandana Hingorani, Founder Owner, Confianza Recruitment Solutions and member of the coveted World
HR Congress. The organisation's core strength lies in its ability to encompass the whole spectrum of Recruitment Activities, namely, Executive Search, Middle Management Recruitment and RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) with specialist services in scientific, technical, operational and commercial disciplines, including Production, Product Development, Quality Assurance and Control.

"Confianza engages in a holistic approach by blending its recruitment expertise with the industrial know-how of the stakeholders"

The highly experienced team of consultants having minimum a decade of industry-relevant experience further studies in depth the work culture and talent requirement of the client organisations, and crafts tailor made recruitment solutions (either for an individual or a team)across field right from geosciences exploration, to field development, offshore platform facilities,sub-sea facilities and many others. Moreover, it undertakes the responsibility right from advertising the vacancy through its collaboration with job portals worldwide, to scrutinizing the application and finally simplifying the joining formalities, thus gaining the status of a 360-degree solution provider for its clients.

Expertise in Every Step
Unlike the conventional view, Confianza engages in a holistic approach by blending its recruitment expertise with the industrial know-how of the stakeholders like field operators,
explorers, oilfield service providers and many more, to select the highly relevant candidates as well as potential leaders, thereby enriching the client’s workforce. The team interacts with candidates through psychometric tests and on a one-on-one basis to find and attract the best from the pool (with qualities in line with the parameters defined by the client), followed by its internal background verification and ex-employee references. Such all-inclusive approach to the search process offers a mutual inclusive knowledge of the client and candidate, ensuring placements which are mutually beneficial. “We not only facilitate our clients with the candidates, but also be an intrinsic part of the hiring process where we are a part of the interview panel as well,” adds Vandana. No wonder some of the most well-known organisations like Essar Offshore & Oilfields, Jubiliant Energy, Aban Offshore, Niko Resources, British Gas, ADGAS, PetroGas, Shelf Drilling and many others, in their search for high -level executives in Asia-Pacific opt to collaborate with Confianza.

In addition to its expertise in oil & gas industry, the company offers recruitment assistance in Manufacturing, Engineering, FMCG, and Automobile along with several other industries, with clients in Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, U.S., Dubai and Russia. “Currently, we are in the process of opening up a collaborative office in Kenya and have our eyes set on diversifying our services by adding new verticals to our service segment,” signs off Vandana.