Consistent Engineering Consultants: Drawing Retrofitting and Energy Efficient Designs in MEP Engineering

  Sagar Kulkarni, Managing Director

Sagar Kulkarni

Managing Director

Growth of the business in terms of infrastructure and technology are the primary features retained by every MEP organization. Today, sustainability concept has gained traction in the construction industry, with the rising awareness on climate change. Being a crucial part in making the interiors of buildings suitable for occupancy, MEP brings advantages of cost effectiveness. With the aim of providing inclusive MEP services inhouse to the maximum extend, Consistent Engineering Consultants based out of Mumbai exercises its expertise in giving shape to client's desires with design. The company specializes in HVAC solutions feasibility studies, integrated building design, retrofitting solutions, energy auditing, energy efficient design, and solar energy consultancy.

After working in the air conditioning sector with Indian companies like Kirloskar Pneumatic and Tata CE, Sagar Kulkarni, Managing Director, entered the Gulf region. After three years, he decided to start his own venture with the experience gained from client, consultant and contracting perspectives in the MEP segment. Consistent observes a gap in the market where quality services could be provided with a view towards energy efficiency. The company manifests an eagerness to undertake challenging projects in the technical sector.
By engaging in conversation with the client to understand the vision for the project, Consistent makes sure that everything is aligned with the client requirements. "Our retrofitting and energy efficiency design services are especially important in the current global marketing scenarios. We believe that the clients appreciate our sustainable values along with our technical expertise and costeffectiveness", explains Sagar Kulkarni, Managing Director, Consitent Engineering Consultants.

Consistent observes a gap in the market where quality services could be provided with a view towards energy efficiency

In the UAE, Consistent adopted the Dubai Municipality Green Building regulations and Abu Dhabi Estidama regulations before they became the regulated norms. Similarly, through regular training over the last two years, the team has become proficient in 3D Building Information Modelling. As the prime focus of Consistent has graduated towards sustainable building and renewable energy, it has also ensured that the team possess capabilities to pursue such goals. Wherefore, it has an inhouse team of LEED certified and WELL certified professionals, energy managers and auditors, as well as solar PV experts. By forming a Special Projects Division to address challenging activities, the company has been involved in tasks with technical nature. However, the increased pressure in terms of technical requirements and time constraints poses a challenge to keep its department working smoothly.

Sagar cites a case where it worked expeditiously, when a hotel operator notified Consistent of a problem with their cooling system. The team ran complete testing of facilities and realized they were facing a problem of Delta T. The company addressed the issue without augmenting their existing infrastructure.

"I personally believe India has tremendous potential as well as professional expertise to handle the critical technical aspects of the 21st century construction industry. With our exposure in the international market, we would like to couple strong technical form with thoughtful, process oriented engineering systems to eliminate human error and deliver effective engineering services in India", adds Sagar Kulkarni. He wishes to reinforce the value the company's services that are brought to the clients. He envisions fulfilling customers' goals and continues serving to their interests and demands.