BMC Advisors: Your Destination for Perfection

Brijesh Mathur & Sushma Mathur, Managing Partners,

Brijesh Mathur & Sushma Mathur, Managing Partners, BMC Advisors

In this robust era of mushrooming start-ups, acquisitions, mergers, professional advisory and Intellectual Property Rights, one of the most prominent and trusted names that strikes most professionals across various business verticals, is BMC Advisors.

What is remarkable is the fact that the Brand, the Trust, the competence that is now enjoyed by BMC Advisors globally in Professional and Business Circles has been scripted in a very short span of just over one and a half decades of surmountable perseverance and good will.

The journey of BMC Advisors started in the year 2003, in a small office space close to the busy streets of Amar Colony, New Delhi. Initially, it was known as B Mathur & Co. Company Secretaries, a firm led by Mr. Brijesh Mathur - a practicing Company Secretary evolved into becoming a known Advisor and Corporate Strategist. Today, the firm has offices located in New Delhi (Hotel Le Meridien Commercial Tower and Main Rama Road), Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kanpur, along-with global presence in the UAE and Africa.

Things were different in the beginning. During the initial days of negotiations with the clients, as Brijesh, who had started the endeavour with almost nothing, had gone through some tough times – the one which depicts the true spirit of entrepreneurship. All he wanted was to be upright in his work and deliver what has been promised, and that’s what kept him going forward for all these years. Every single day was a struggle but amidst all the hardships, tumults and difficulties, Brijesh kept a positive outlook of life. Sitting at his office in LeMeridien situated in the post-Lutyens zone, New Delhi, he looks at the magnificent sunset view of Raisina Hills and recalls how at multiple times he has left with absolutely nothing but hope. He laughs when he shares how he divided the money between food, fare and sending it to his home.

A Leap of Faith - Continuum of Success

As time progressed, his hard work started to pay off and the business also started to turnaround with a gradual increase in the number of clients, where people began to share their legal concerns with him after seeing his work, advice, and professionalism. It was this trust people had in him and the pressing need of existing clients that led to the sustained growth of BMC Advisors, where it provided consulting services in an organized manner. Since then, there was no looking back for Brijesh Mathur.

Interestingly, around the same time, during one of his visits to Mumbai, he felt the need to have an office in the financial capital, as the demand for his service was high. He started the operations from Goregaon, Mumbai before setting up an office at the magnificent World Trade Centre in Cuff Parade, Mumbai. It was a much-needed addition as many companies have offices and sister concerns in Mumbai and have achieved a comfort level working with him.

Scaling new heights, Brijesh has come a long way from where it all started. He is one of the few Company Secretaries in the country who practices IPR (Intellectual Property Rights). His work in the field of corporate legal consulting has been, acknowledged by various Indian and Global organizations.

Over the years, the success of BMC Advisors is depicted by the range of clients it has served, which includes Pepsico India Holdings Pvt.Ltd.(Pepsi Group), Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) through its wing IREDA, URB Group(A European Group), ClydeUnion Pumps (UK), Cadagua S.A (Spain), ClydeUnion Pumps(UK), Test Rite International Co. (Taiwan), Hitachi Group, Coles Group (Australia), Delhi & District Cricket Association (DDCA), Hockey India, Rajdhani Group, Indigo, JP Morgan, Hugo Chemicals, Anti-Corruption Academy, National HRD Network, Vodafone, Zamil India and many more.

Reminiscing the initial days, Brijesh recalls “CJ International Hotels Ltd running Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi and Pernod Rica (a French subsidiary in India) were the initial clients who have helped us tremendously in our early stage of operations. We are grateful for that.” He further says “I am indebted to my mentors Mr. G P Sahi, VP(Legal) & Company Secretary, CJ International Hotels Ltd., and K T S Anand and well known Chartered Accountant who has played a pivotal role in shaping my journey towards establishing BMC Advisors.”

Experts in Corporate, Legal & IP Advisory Services
At present, the advisory services are still not structured in the country and people are sticking to informal discussions. That is where BMC Advisors comes into the picture, where it provides quality advisory services for the enterprises across industries, in a unified manner.

Poised to have a strong global footprint, BMC Advisors has been serving its clients for more than 15+ years now with a team consists of experienced and superlative professionals, who are always on the drive for challenges under the guidance of Ms. Sushma Mathur, a robust professional having legal experience of 15+ years. With international exposure and a dedicated research wing that keeps track of the changing Business landscape, the team BMC Advisors ensured no information, major or minor shall be missed by its existing and prospective clients. They are continuously updating their clients to make informed decisions.

For example, to keep a track of all the changes and amendments with the frequently changing market in the legal landscape, BMC Advisors made it a point to be the first ones in the year 2008 to send out the updates to fellow professionals, globally, be it the notifications & circulars issued by Indian Ministries and IPR issues which helps industry professionals to stay abreast with the changes. That is appreciated not only by individuals but also by various corporate firms and government departments. To give a case, these updates helped individuals immensely during the transition to GST.

Another interesting case study was that of URB Bearings, a Romania-based company and a world leader in bearings, where the company was facing issues related to counterfeit products and trademark infringement. Here, BMC Advisors took up the case and guided them through re-designing its production house from scratch. BMC Advisors helped them in establishing their presence in India starting from their operations and setting up their factory in India, after thorough research about the availability of cost-effective land. There have been several such instances that define the credibility of BMC Advisors.

In addition to this, through various International chambers, the firm has recently initiated the process and operations in the Middle East and Africa. “Africa being a hub for the emerging economy, it is now top on our priority list,” says Brijesh. By and large, the company provides a gamut of high-end corporate consultancy services in tune with the rapidly changing regulatory environment. The array-of-services provided by BMC Advisors includes Corporate Laws, Merger & Acquisition, Joint Ventures, Private Equity and Due Diligence Services, Intellectual Property Rights(IPR),
Capital Markets, Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code (IBC), Corporate Litigation, Foreign Exchange Laws, Commercial Contracts and Deeds, Real Estate & Infrastructure, Banking & Insurance, Anticorruption & Investigation, Society/Trust formation, management, Corporate Social Responsibilities(CSR), Arbitration & Dispute Resolution and Family Settlement among others.

“In simple words, we have solutions for all business needs under one roof,” says Sushma Mathur, “We believe in the concept of ‘Destination for Perfection,’ where we offer hundred percent support to our clients to unleash their full potential.” She further adds, “At the end of the day, the result matters. If you are delivering quality services, the clients will stick with you, no matter what. We are just doing that. That is the reason we have a good set of clients, who are part of our journey even till this day.”

Actively gleaming in the business ecosystem, BMC Advisors has also started to mentor new startups. “We have been going to colleges and universities, talking to the youth about their aspirations and see lots of potential in fresh ideas. It is one space always buzzing with energy and passion,” smiles Sushma being a legal partner on the Board of Student Incubation Cell and IIT Delhi’s “$1 Million Entrepreneurship Challenge”.

Actively gleaming in the business ecosystem, BMC Advisors has also started to mentor new start-ups

The Highest Expression of a Successful Business

Delhi-based BMC Advisors has had a fascinating journey. Initially started with just one person, today, the company has reached a new stance with 25+ members and is growing in numbers each passing day. The team embarks the true-value of integrity, ethics, and morals. “I am confident about every person working at BMC Advisors. It’s the honesty, reliability, and transparency at all levels that have helped us to achieve excellent results. I am positive that they will excel in their endeavors, both professionally and personally, anywhere in the world,” says Brijesh, gratifyingly.

Currently, the firm is into expansion phase where it is exploring new ventures such as IPR at Click and Indian Bizmen Association (INBA), thereby investing in innovation & technology, raising awareness and solving social conundrums that exist in the society. Also, to take the CSR activities to the next level, the firm is working with Rotary International and other Govt. & private associations.

As part of the CSR initiative, BMC Advisors recently sponsored Indian Equestrian Team for the World Cup qualifiers, when nobody was willing to. “It was an emotional decision and an overwhelming one. A proud feeling indeed to have witnessed the Indian team members in BMC jersey and Gold medals dangling around their neck,” states Brijesh.

Also, through Pramanit Foundation, a philanthropic wing of BMC Advisors focuses on providing education along with the basic requirements of life such as food, clothing, shelter, and health to the needy children and women, has set up libraries, computer labs, and e-learning centres with the name Pramanit Charitable Library and Education Centre at New Delhi so that they too have access to the resources to grow, learn and explore opportunities. “This project is very close to our heart. It is not only about providing corporate advisory services to the clients but also to impact society through good work,” shares Sushma, modestly.

Adding to this, Brijesh concluding on an optimistic note, says, “In life, we might achieve the highest stance of success, wealth, and happiness, but it is equally important to walk together in this journey so that we can contribute to the betterment of the nation. It’s all about giving back to society. In other words, if we can make a miniscule of difference in a person’s life that will have a condescending effect towards a better future.”

Brijesh Mathur, Managing Partner, BMC Advisor
Brijesh is a member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India(ICSI) and Law Graduate from Delhi University. A man of words, Brijesh is simple, fun loving, down-to-earth, philanthropist, honest, and hardworking person, who always walks the extra miles to deliver quality and result-oriented services for his clients. As the Managing Partner of the firm, he is known for motivating his fellow employees and colleagues. At present, he is one of the renowned Corporate and IPR Consultants, who specializes in end-to-end legal advisory services.

Brijesh Mathur is known globally for his remarkable attitude, patience, and positivity towards life and people around him. He always states that anyone can be a professional but a true professional is one who carries everything together in life and maintains a proper professional & personal life balance. Life is very precious and everyone should enjoy it to its fullest. His mantra for successful entrepreneurship is to maintain cordial relations with everyone which in turn makes you a valuable professional.

Besides providing corporate and legal services, Brijesh is also a part of various organizations in India and abroad. He is the founding member and President of Indian Bizmen Association (INBA), an association for Indian Businessmen, which aims at providing a solitary place to the persons who are looking for various business opportunities but are lacking in terms of communication or association ultimately aiding in the growth of Indian economy.

In addition to this, he is a proud Rotarian, who actively is involved in various social welfare activities and has accomplished numerous social projects as the President of Rotary Club of Capital City New Delhi. He is also the founder of Pramanit Foundation, a non-profit society which aims at providing education and health benefits to the underprivileged children, focused on girl child education and their upbringing, women empowerment, and more.

Brijesh takes great pride in his membership with 20+ global associations including various prestigious Chambers of Commerce. For Brijesh, success is feeling that tingle of excitement about what you do, sticking with what matters through hard times, and living a life you can feel proud of in retrospect. These talks say it all.

Currently, the firm is into expansion phase where it is exploring new ventures such as IPR at Click and Indian Bizmen Association (INBA)

Sushma Mathur, Managing Partner, BMC Advisors Advocates
Sushma graduated from Shri Ram College of Commerce and is a Fellow Member of The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI). She is also a Law Graduate from Delhi University. More than any thing, she is a corporate lawyer and social worker, who makes a great impression as an adventurous and spirited woman. She embraces challenges that come her way and conquers them with striking competence.

Prior to joining BMC Advisors in 2015, Sushma has worked with law firms for more than 13+ years, where she has acquired great proficiency in handling mergers, acquisition, private equity, restructuring, joint ventures, and other corporate advisories. She has advised various Indian and multinational corporations on issues arising under Indian commercial legislations, involving Companies Act, Contract Act, Stamp Act, SEBI Regulation and Consumer Laws to name a few.

At BMC Advisors, she wears multiple hats, where she looks after the entire operations, client management, and the financial aspects of the business. As a working mother, she believes in giving equal importance to family, relatives, friends and work depending on the priorities and situations. As a leader, she is straight-forward in her approach, and a team player who always keeps her team motivated, she says “Instead of working for an individual or organization, Think it as you are working for yourself, where you are investing resources in your own personal growth. Once this happens, you can achieve anything in the world.”

She is also a member of POSH committee - M/s C J International Hotels Ltd. owning Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi and legal advisor to world’s one of the finest technology institutes IIT Delhi Student Incubation Cell and Entrepreneurship projects.

She is also a Rotarian and on the Board of Pramanit Foundation, an NGO which has been formed for social welfare, women empowerment, imparting education and skill development, shelters and homes for disabled, old age persons and to provide them a quality life.

BMC Advisors Prominent Members

•Assocham International Council of Alternate Dispute Resolution
•Indo-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IFCCI)
•International Trademark Association (INTA, USA)
•Indo-German Chamber of Commerce (IACC)
•Institute of Directors (IOD)
•Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC)
•Indo-Italian Chamber Commerce and Industry (IICCI)
•Rotary Club of Capital City New Delhi (RCCND)
•Swiss-Indian Chamber of Commerce (SICC)
•Indo-Australian Chamber of Commerce
•Indo-Japan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (IJCCI)
•National HRD Network (NHRD)
•National Institution of Personnel and Management (NIPM)
•The Council of EU Chamber of Commerce in India
•Australia, New Zealand and India Business Association (ANZIBA)
•United Nation Global Compact Network
•European Business Group India (EBG)
•PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry
•Merchant Chamber of Uttar Pradesh
•Indian Society of Training and Development (ISTD)
•National Company Law Tribunal Bar Association
•Indian Bizmen Association