Cosmos Visas: Delivering Transparency Assured Immigration Consultancy

Kamal Kumar Chowdary , Managing Director

Kamal Kumar Chowdary

Managing Director

To live one's dream and aspirations, national boundaries are no barrier. But the daunting immigration process they have to undergo mostly take a toll on their patience. With an aim to provide transparent, affordable and customer centric visa processing services, Cosmos Visas based out of Hyderabad, Telangana has been venturing its services since 2014 for corporate, individuals, and students. The company has been delivering comprehensive and meticuluous services and assisting individuals, to live, work and study in foreign countries.

Having worked in the visa processing sector for almost 10 years, Kamal Kumar Chowdary, Managing Director at Cosmos Visas, decided to set up own organization. After carrying out a brief survey on the market which was scattered, he found the niche space to provide transparent services which later became the motto of Cosmos Visas. The company bears a team trained to pay due attention to the needs of the clients and handle decision making processes. The team is obliged to constantly update on the
dynamic immigration rules and regulations of countries. The target audience of Cosmos include professionals who apply for PR visas to Australia, Canada and New Zealand permanently with their families, Students who are keen to pursue higher education in US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Europe. "We have won the trust of our clients based on the services rendered for the last 5 years. We are striving to make our organization paperless by relying entirely on digital technology", explains Kamal.

Cosmos Visas plays a key role in bridging the gap between the clients and the complex immigration procedures

In the last decade there has been a surge in people traveling across borders for employment, business, higher education, tourism, and investment purposes. Some of the factors responsible for the cross border movement of the people are the rise in per capita income, technological advancements, and affordable air travel as well as tourism activities around the world. The market for visa processing services is not organized. On an average, when laypeople approach a consultancy for immigration advisory services, they are often put in a puzzled situation, either in terms of pricing or the accuracy of the process. Meanwhile, Cosmos helps educate the clients to verify the genuineness of the consultancy and their past experience before signing up for the services. The company insists clients to cross check the customer feedback before committing. To add value to its proposal, Cosmos is devising a customer friendly app through which customers can contact the company directly and find solutions to the issues.

Cosmos Visas plays a key role in bridging the gap between the clients and the complex immigration procedures.Being a ISO 9001: 2015 certified consultant, Cosmos Visas has processed more than 2000 visas which include Permanent Resident, Study, Business, and Tourist visas & We are keen to expand our business to Chennai and Bangalore initially and later to other parts of India. As part of this goal, we are negotiating with Angel Investors by providing them a viable business platform& concludes Kamal.