Creative Training Solutions: Empowering Growth through Innovative Training Solutions

Harendra Deshpande,  Founder & Principal Consultant

Harendra Deshpande

Founder & Principal Consultant

In today's fast-paced business world, the phrase 'Transform or Perish’ couldn’t be more apt than ever before. Change is the key to survival, and in this scenario, organizations that transform thrive while others struggle to keep up. While change and development have become imperative for organizations, Creative Training Solutions stands as a beacon in fostering holistic capability development. Established in 2011, the company has emerged as a leader in organizational and individual capacity building, having served over 100 clients and executed more than 50 projects in organizational development (OD).

Rapid technological advancements and evolving economic landscapes necessitate a paradigm shift in human capital development. Creative Training Solutions meticulously assesses and diagnoses the evolving needs of organizations, its people, and processes. This enables rooting their interventions in a deep understanding of changing landscapes, be it technological, customer expectations, or global trend shifts. At the heart of their approach lies a comprehensive understanding of organizational dynamics through structured organizational diagnostics process. The pillars of their offerings revolve around two significant facets: Organizational Development (OD) and Learning & Development. The former aims at shaping and enhancing the fundamental structures within organizations, spanning from defining Core Values Vision & Mission, establishing performance management systems,
Competency Modelling, to leadership development. On the other hand, Learning & Development deals with targeted, short-term training interventions catering to specific competency needs.

Inception & Uniqueness
The foundation of this esteemed organization comes from the diverse expertise and experiences of its Founder & Principal Consultant Harendra Deshpande, who transitioned from an engineering background in esteemed companies like Tata Power to delve into training, coaching, business excellence, and people processes. This deep understanding ideated the vision to bring the methodologies and strategies of business excellence to small and medium enterprises, marking the inception of Creative Training Solutions.

A unique feature of their approach is the KASH attributes - Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, and Habits - forming the bedrock of competency enhancement. “This competency enhancement KASH equals CASH, becomes your competency can be used to make profits", Founder remarks. By fostering these attributes, they pave the way for improved individual and organizational performance.

The programs designed and delivered by Creative Training Solutions cater to a spectrum of target groups. From leadership training at various levels to the large spectrum of behavioural trainings, developing internal trainers and catalysts within organizations, they specialize in coaching, mentoring, team building, and management development programs, all geared towards transformation. What sets Creative Training Solutions apart is their unwavering commitment to tying training interventions to tangible business outcomes. Their methodology involves in-depth diagnostics, ensuring solutions are derived at the root cause level, leading to substantial, long-term impacts on business measures.

Innovation & Growth
The organization prides itself on its diverse learning methodologies - from experiential learning activities, case analysis, role plays, and simulations to leveraging technology, movie based video modules, stories, dramas and music therapy, situational analysis in their programs. The unique value is the de-briefing sessions which are interestingly linking learnings to on the-job applications.

Their proficiency is anchored in an array of expertise, from business exposure, deep understanding of Business Excellence, experiential learning, coaching, mentoring and more.

In its remarkable growth journey, the company has witnessed consistent expansion, marked by a recent 50 percent increase in sales. Looking ahead, their future roadmap includes leveraging AI and self-paced learning technology to reach a wider audience, aiming to become a global entity rather than a local player.