Credit Sudhaar: Offering a Fresh Chapter in Financial Life

The global inflation is reaching new heights and demand for credits has risen considerably over the years. Although, majority of people remain blank about their credit reports and often don't realize the problems associated, framing it as a core backend process where they hold no role. It is when they apply for new credits and loans, they realize that the credit ratings can act as a stumbling block if it's under par. In fact, the people with low credit scores are often ignored by financial services providers over the people with high credit scores.

This is where a Mumbai based Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) named Credit Sudhaar Finance comes to the rescue of this subprime category of people. The NBFC along with its group companies extends complete guidance and assistance related to management of finance & credits, and proffers free credit scores to save money; while on the other hand, it provides loans to individuals with low credit score who do not have access to funding from regular financial institutions. This lending service thus acts as a boon to people suffering from credit stress nightmares. Yes, a fresh chapter in their financial life. "The Credit Sudhaar Group is a lender, a credit advisory company and also a market place. Our revenue model runs around extending profile based offerings to customers with both good and bad credit," says Arun Ramamurthy,
Co-Founder, when asked about the revenue generation infrastructure.

Thriving Awareness
Unlike the matured economies, Indian society, unaware of the bureaus catering poor-credit loans & credit accounts management, lets the stress engulf life. To fill this demanding crater, Credit Sudhaar Services kick-started its operations in 2012 as the first Indian company to introduce not only the credit advisories based on the scientific & analytical capabilities, but also the concept of extending free credit report - everything backed by a robust & secure technology platform. Putting a tick mark on the predictions, it took aggressive initiatives for the organization to attract the eye-balls and spread credit accounting awareness among the subprime society.

By the time, heavy leverage of technology to analyze & extend highly accurate set of services equipped the organization to attain this higher extends of proficiency. "Our capability to incorporate ongoing learning into the process is what differentiates us and has helped us in developing the ability to extend a highly personalized service," asserts Gaurav Wadhwani, Co-Founder & Director, Credit Sudhaar. Today, the customer ecosystem of the company not only savors faster access to credit instruments, but also gets the best interest rates and in turn saves money. Apart from the
Arun Ramamurthy,Co-Founder&Director

Arun Ramamurthy


comprehensive offerings on credit advisory, the company also has products to combat Cyber Crimes & Identity Thefts via an exclusive solution, CS Identity Shield.

Enduring with Efforts
Ignorance and unawareness still being a predicament in India, the Credit Sudhaar Group with its workforce of about 200 highly qualified and trained team vows to continue the efforts in the direction of bringing credit and financial literacy among masses. "Our philosophy, 'a nurtured staff will lead to extending world class service to client' has so far been highly successful," adds Arun. After being extremely successful and almost having no competitors in the market, the future roadmap of the company looks exciting as it works on additional tools for accurate finance analysis.