Crossroad Elf: Decision Science Systems

Raju Chellaton & Punyesh Lakshman Murthy,Co-Founders
Punyesh Lakshman Murthy, Co-Founder

Data analytics consultants are the newest arbitrator of all organizations. They approach them to draw constructive solutions based on the exploration and scientific scrutinization of valuable data. These analyses are helping businesses make important and conclusive decisions, beneficial for their furtherance.

Crossroad Elf DSS Pvt. Ltd, an IT Services company is rendering compelling Data Analytics and high-end Web Development & Digital Marketing solutions, driving growth and development of its clients. This peerless set-up is the brainchild of Raju Chellaton and Punyesh Lakshman Murthy.

Both of them belong to the IT industry, having spent substantial years in this domain have earned them unparalleled experience and knowledge. Their expertise has given a strong foundation to the venture, holding great potentiality to thrive in the vast space of technology, particularly in data engineering and analytics. “We both have had an enriching career in Global IT firms.

Therefore, it was easier for us to sense what businesses need and how we can help them. The same kind of aspiration has encouraged us to band together and lay the founding stone of Crossroad Elf,” avers Punyesh, Co-Founder & CEO, Crossroad Elf.

The Beginning
The founders had tried and tested their hands on other trending domains such as Digital Marketing and Web-Based solutions. Their basic intention was to explore the space, understand the requirements of the industry, and infuse the power of technology to build products of remarkable properties. It was

Crossroad Elf endeavours to bring design, technology, and innovation under one roof and device productive solutions best fitting to the needs of its clients.

only after a detailed investigation that they zeroed into provides services such as Cloud Data Engineering, Data Warehousing, Data Science, Decision Science and Engineering, Cluster Computing, Data Testing, and Runtime Support & Maintenance. With the vast array of services, the company has endeavoured to bring design, technology, and innovation under one roof and device productive solutions best fitting to the needs of its clients. “Studying the market helped us identify the products and solutions capable of creating disruption. We explored each domain and decided to concentrate on data engineering and analytics,” he voices. The company is integrated with a significantly wide variety of turfs that includes Data Analytics project development and high-end analytics based digital marketing engagements & web application development among others. Its receptiveness and pragmatic way of constructing second to none software projects at competitive rates, makes it a prominent IT and Analytics service provider in the country.

Raju Chellaton, Co-Founder

The Growth Story
Despite being a newbie, Crossroad Elf has created an impressive positioning in the market. Since inception, it has been dedicating its time and money in fortifying its core services. The company has developed web based products and has attracted marquee audience, completed 65cases and boasts of about 33 happy clients. It aims to speed up its growth and introduce three of its products to the market in the current financial year. “We are focussed at strengthening our core competencies and build momentum in the right direction” he adds.
A company of enormous potential, Crossroad Elf’s actions and operations are administered by industry experts and extensively skilled people. Its sole aim is to fulfil its aspiration by bringing to completion the desires, expectations and objectives of its clients.