Croyez Immigration: Providing Efficient, Innovative, Transparent & Effective Immigration Services

RamkumarAnnadurai, DirectorIt’s rightly said, ‘Necessity is the Mother of all Inventions’. When one of Ramkumar Annadurai’s friends faced turbulence during his migration to Canada, he took it as a challenge and made it his stepping stone to create Croyez Immigration. Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Chennai, Croyez is one of the fastest growing immigration companies that assist corporates and individuals around the world to migrate to various countries (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Ecuador, Schengen and Germany) by giving them the most efficient, innovative, transparent and effective immigration service. “We are striving to closely work with our clients to build trust and bring best solutions to their immigration objectives with adherence to high professional standards and confidentiality,” says Ramkumar, Director, Croyez Immigration.

Delivering Personalized Service with Trust

Unlike other major immigration consultants offering vanilla visa services, Croyez stands for its name by not only branching clients across various countries but also truly preparing them for a life abroad by helping across verticals. With a dedicated team of CRCIC &
ICCRC consultants, legal advisors and immigration attorneys, the organization is fully equipped to ensure a smooth transition into client’s destination country. They evaluate clients’ profile initially (with legal advisor) before filing application, prepare them for IELTS (free online coaching on tie-up with New Zealand based organization), help them to get police clearance & medical clearance certificates, educate them about express entry process (how to apply, selection process, work experience & arrangement, age criteria and so on), provide friendly & personalized counseling and professional guidance for their investment plan (overseas), admission, and career opportunities. Croyez operates through a network of business associates & processing consultants in all its serving countries, who give frequent updates about government/policy change and revise their policies, thus enabling clients to access seamless immigration services across the world.

The combination of specialized knowledge, superior technical capabilities,expertise and comprehensive support facilities, enable our firm to maintain its high success rate in the processing of all immigration cases


Croyez helps its candidates with business visa, sponsorship, temporary, dependent, student,
and skilled worker visas as well. With its post landing services such as accommodation, permanent residence, health and social security cards, bank account, taxation and many more, and job assistance (profile creation on Canada National Job Bank, employer nomination, apply for jobs and so on), Croyez not just helps them migrate but makes their life easier in the other part of the world.Going the extra mile, Croyez works with world class web based technology (CRM) that is easily accessible by overseas clients. The gutsy company even guarantees 100 percent payment refund if the client does not meet the required criteria.“The combination of specialized knowledge, superior technical capabilities, expertise and comprehensive support facilities, enable our firm to maintain its high success rate in the processing of all immigration cases,” asserts Ramkumar.

Established its presence in Canada (British Columbia) and China (Beijing and Hong Kong)as well, Croyez works in various verticals such as human resource, executive search and international service(include business immigration/investor immigration services which cover almost all the European countries) and planning to sell books online at low cost to help the students across India.The organization aims at recruiting & retaining of top employees by providing flexible work culture.“A happy employee is a productive employee and we all know that increase productivity leads to a better bottom line,” concludes Ramkumar with a sure smile of satisfaction.