Cybermatricks: Entailing Many Firsts in the Cybersecuity Space

Dr. Mieet Shah,DirectorNavigating the perks of the available cybersecurity suites in the existing market, antivirus software and firewalls are not enough to occlude the global ransomware rampage. Hence, Cybermatricks has come up with a new sophistication of algorithm-based security to battle the dark hat hackers and the first security licensee in hosting pre-ransomware security service packages. In ensuring a full-proof cyber ecosystem, the company maintains a centralized server, making its security algorithm resilient to all malware threats prevalent in the cyberspace. Cybermatricks is an ISO certified company & was crowned as ‘The Best Cybercrime Company’ in 2017.

Expounding its Multi-Shore Capabilities, Cybermatricks provides ultimate solutions to security and networking related problems to adjust and suit the clients need. Being one of the best-in class providers in the cybersecurity space, it offers a bucket of niche services including security cyber consultancy, on-site consultancy, cyber crime investigation, auditing and more. For the clients who prefer to shield the data system with any concurrent threat, it can avail its pre-ransomware packages like Setup Packages, Security Packages, Troubleshoot Packages and Corporate Packages. Under the service portfolio, the company also offers development security solutions which are entirely minded by its pro-active
research team to entail customized cybersecurity solutions for potential customers in the industry.

The brand excellence is largely hinged to Dr. Mieet Shah’s (Director, Cybermatricks) brilliance in cyber-hacking. This ‘Young Cyber Guy’ not only holds a doctoral degree in Offensive Security but is also the founder of two IT firms - Vaulttizee Advance Cloud Computing and Cybermatricks that are successfully running in this competitive market. After toiling the cybersecurity space for years, now he is a skilled expat in Ransomware Security, Stuxnet Security, AI in cybersecurity and many more. Today, along with his associates at Cybermatricks, he is working hand-in-hand with the cyber cell of Gujarat police and has solved about 250 cases till date.

We provide a centralized firewall where even if hackers reach to our server, they won’t be able to access anything

Utilizing Advanced Security Matrix
Dr. Mieet states, “We provide a centralized firewall where even if hackers reach to our server, they won’t be able to access anything; that is how secure we are”. For network security, Cybermatricks has designed a unique product called Pre-Ransomware Network Security, which ensures a more vigilant protection from any cyber threats. Unlike a usual hardware extension, it provides a virtual operating system which is connected to its centralized server where upon any unauthorized trafficking it gets filtered from its security server before reaching the user.

Furthermore, if any vulnerability is still detectable in the user’s system, then it performs auditing for the networking solutions and the task is carried out on site by running a thorough Kali Linux system. This interface is in performing penetration testing tasks and helps to achieve a cent percent success in detecting cyber threats in the host system. To mask any data breech, the E-documents are preferably sealed under a black box system and in collaboration of the cyber cell of Gujarat police, it provides a legal confidentiality sealed with confidence of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Advancing forward, Cybermatricks is about to build an offensive security lab where with a bunch of controlling units it can perform ethical hacking to run a regular quality control of their network. Dr. Mieet concludes, “We are trying to come up with better strategies in providing our services in the cybersecurity domain. By March 2020, we are expecting to introduce the first AI security system under our service umbrella”.