CyberPWN Technologies: Practical & High Quality Cybersecurity Services Tailored by Experts

Sambit Garnaik,Co-Founder

Sambit Garnaik


Cybersecurity, which is a $1.97 billion industry in India, is expected to grow at an astounding CAGR of 15.6 percent, almost 1.5 times the global rate. Driven by crucial factors like digital growth, rising cyber attacks and strict regulatory compliances, the need for robust & feasible cybersecurity is indispensable. Amongst the innumerable companies incessantly competing amidst each other, only a few proffer services that exactly fit the client’s needs and budgets without compromising on quality.

Delivering high quality customized services in a quick turnaround time, with a consistent, focused and hassle-free approach, along with post project consultation & support is CyberPWN Technologies – a one-stop-solution to all cyber security requirements. Established in 2018, the firm is famed for furnishing flexible, responsive, and resourceful solutions handcrafted by skilled specialists while adhering to industry standards like ISO 27001 and SANS-25.
Assuring Apex Quality in Services
The class leading service portfolio of CyberPWN includes Application Security, Red Team Services, Threat Hunting & Response, Cloud Security, Breach Attack Simulation (BAS) and GRC Consulting Services. These services that exceed expectations are crafted by certified & accredited professionals under the guidance of eminent industry experts who constitute the senior leadership of the company. “Most of our core team members were born with Cybersecurity. It is this expertise cultivated through years of experience that has enabled us to deliver many projects, most of them into application security side,” asserts Sambit Garnaik, Co-Founder, CyberPWN Technologies. The development of these services is done implementing multiple engagement models, wherein employees at all levels are involved throughout the project lifecycle. We are fully focused on what we do, and complete involvement with our clients makes them confident and top-notch quality is assured. We take pride of bringing new technologies and solutions to Indian market.

We are fully focused on what we do, and complete involvement with our clients makes them confident and top-notch quality is assured

Organization Culture
The Millennial work-life culture of the company further encourages its employees to contribute their best and focuses in getting things done. Adding value to individual’s career, CyberPWN provides proper platform for nurturing & nourishing its employees’ skills through multiple training sessions & participation in events like Hackathon and Bug Bounty Program. The average age of its workforce is late 20s.

Evolving exponentially working on these traits, the company has grown up by 200 percent in the first year, and is expected to grow by 300 percent by the end of this FY. Setting the bar high, the firm anticipates a tremendous growth in the next five years, along with more global presence and addition of more talent to its team.