DB Architekt: Navigating the Cosmos in Commercial Design, Beyond conventional & Boundaries

 Venkatesan Venkat,    Principal Architect

Venkatesan Venkat

Principal Architect

Architecture consultants play a pivotal role in shaping transformative projects in the dynamic realm of commercial real estate. These professionals excel in understanding and addressing the unique needs of diverse commercial spaces, from retail and offices to hospitality venues. These architects also translate clients' visions into functional and aesthetically pleasing environments by combining strategic planning, conceptualization, and innovative design solutions. Beyond design, their project management expertise ensures seamless stakeholder collaboration, aligning timelines and budgets to deliver successful, distinctive, and brand-enhancing commercial spaces. In this challenging environment, DB ARCHITEKT stands out with its commercial architecture, delivering innovative solutions that transform spaces, enhance brands, and exceed client expectations.

DB ARCHITEKT stands as a distinguished architectural and interior design firm, guided by the extraordinary philosophy of 'Design Beyond'. Rooted in a profound perception of primarily based on making plans, the firm goes beyond conventional layout standards by way of infusing areas with the astrological chart detail of client and harmony of celestial alignments. “Whether crafting residential havens, dynamic industrial environments, or institutional edifices, our technique is singular - astrology-based making plans tailor-made to the particular wishes and
aspirations of every client. Harnessing the cosmic energies efficaciously, we believe our designs have an impact on client, productivity, and typical success”, speaks Venkatesan Venkat, Principal Architect.

The firm further incorporates the concepts of vastu shastra and astrological data of client as individual/joint family/organizational member at the planning stages to completion; as a core 'Design Beyond' philosophy of DB ARCHITEKT. The firm believes vastu shastra is not a standard for everyone. It changes as per astrological data of person.

Balancing these conventional practices with modern design is a challenge, however, the company has emerged as a pioneer in accomplishing harmonious integration. What sets the firm aside is its specific technique DB ARCHITEKT is the only firm that incorporates astrological data of occupants at all levels of building and interior planning. This initiative is dedicated to the research and development of Vedic scripts of astrology, seamlessly intertwining ancient Vastu Shastra with individual astrological charts. DB ARCHITEKT’s USP lies in its meticulous interest in detail, putting it aside in structure. Unlike conventional approaches, the firm delves deep into the purpose and users of a space, whether it's contemporary, historical, or modern architecture.

Principal Architect Venkatesan Venkat is the visionary behind the 'Design Beyond' philosophy at DB ARCHITEKT, seamlessly integrating astrology chart details into building design planning to execution. With over two decades of expertise, Venkat's knowledge is pivotal in shaping design concepts into tangible realities. alongside him, Founding Partner Shaifali, with extensive experience in the corporate office and luxury residential interior with experience of renowned firms like 3C, DLF, and M Moser, adds depth to the firm’s dynamic team. DB ARCHITEKT's commitment to excellence is clear in its distinctive growth strategy, depending completely on consumer referrals, which has now not only garnered popularity in India but has also established an international presence with satisfied clients in Dubai, Montenegro, and various Western international locations.

The firm's future roadmap is marked by a commitment to managing client growth effectively, ensuring timely deliveries without compromising quality. Despite initial skepticism about astrological architectural considerations, the firm stands by its unique approach, providing a guarantee growth to clients. The roadmap extends beyond traditional architecture as the company expands globally, with clients from Dubai and Montenegro in Europe. With a clear plan for growth and a focus on diversification, the firm anticipates high potential and a significant impact on the industry.