Decode Research and Analytics: Helping Clients to Generate Actionable Insights & Take Informed Decisions

Havish Madhvapaty,Co-Founder, Head - Research & Analytics

Havish Madhvapaty

Co-Founder, Head - Research & Analytics

Regardless of whether a business intends to launch a new product, expand its operations or market its products or services, today’s dynamic business landscape has made it mandatory to bank on reliable data and actionable points derived from it. But there are few who understand the fact that market research (MR) is not just about bombarding clients with thousands of haphazard data points, analytics and reports; but helping them design an effective strategy by understanding the business context and listening to what their customers want. Acting as a robust analytics and consulting arm for its clients, New-Delhi based Decode Research and Analytics helps clients generate actionable insights and take objective decisions based on high quality and detailed research. Clients include everyone from SMEs to diversified conglomerates, media houses and various ministries, GoI. All projects are delivered with the same unwavering passion and razer-sharp focus.

This 2017-founded company offers
primary research and extensive desk research, intricate data analytics and automation solutions. Projects are as diverse as conducting pan-India surveys with multiple stakeholders, eliminating process redundancy in companies, and preparing customized analytics and dashboard solutions with visual representations. Decode’s diverse capabilities, cross-disciplinary expertise and in-depth knowledge of various industry verticals enable it to conduct robust research and subsequently allow its clients to realize better efficiency.

We are a limited-service firm, but offer a strong analytics toolset along with core data collection services

Additionally, Decode also provides quantitative and forecasting solutions (as both consulting assignments and on-site training). “We are a limited-service firm, but offer a strong analytics tool set along with core data collection services,” states Havish Madhvapaty, Co-Founder, Head of Research and Analytics, Decode Research and Analytics.

Working with Data Integrity
The firm pursues a steadfast balance between complex models and adaptability to tackle interdisciplinary problems, thereby considering research just like good design and problem solving assets. Decode follows needful steps inline with standard ethical practices and
guidelines. Furthermore, it not only follows strict guidelines throughout the project lifecycle, but also signs NDA's beyond the regular scope of requirement.

Decode highly leverages technologies such as Microsoft Office Applications (including Power Query, Power Pivot), Tableau & Power BI (dashboard visualization), SPSS (forecasting, trend analysis and sampling), Illustrator and Publisher (prepare reports). Today, the company provides expertise across industries & blue-chip organizations, ranging from global power companies to business magazines. Decode was a knowledge partner for Pitch CMO Summit, providing industry leading work ranking CMOs. It has also conducted two surveys for Businessworld. “Our ability to combine robust academic research and insights into corporate processes gives us an edge over our competitors,” adds Havish.

Enthusiastic Workforce
Decode’s workforce comprises of interns, associates, freelancers and industry experts. All associates and freelancers are encouraged to pursue online courses to enhance their skills and build expertise in areas of their interest. This in turn helps the firm establish long-term partnerships with clients. Decode ensures that everyone who works with them builds on their forte and becomes more rounded & cross-functional. The company has already hit profitability and is growing exponentially month-on-month.