DesignTree: Designing with Care

K Srinivasa Reddy, B Manjunath, B O Prasanna Kumar & B E Pruthviraj,Co-founders & DirectorsDesignTree was founded in 2008 by four professionals who teamed up to structure a multidisciplinary consultancy firm. The company has been devising state-of-the-art services and solutions for the real estate industry across the country. The services offered are Civil, Structural, Public Health, Electrical, HVAC & Mechanical Engineering and Fire & Life Safety System and its newest offering of Green Building solutions. Under which it ensures sustainable design & construction, waste audit & reduction programs, energy efficiency and other related facilities. "We at DesignTree entertain all construction related needs and requirements of our clients. We are providing wide range of services that covers the entire ecosystem. Some of the additional ones are Water efficiency & net Zero Water management for new and existing project, Energy simulation and on-site study for Lighting, HVAC & other equipment and IAQ study for Office spaces," states B. Manjunath, Co-founder and Director, DesignTree.

Tackling the Rough Route
Backed by top oracles of the industry, the company had a smooth start and scaled many milestones including office in 5 states. Robust growth required garnering the right people to shape a proficient and industrious
team. The management puts an extra effort to on the workforce by administering policies that promoted and supported a positive workplace environment. "For us our team is our true strength and we have put a lot of time and energy in picking out the right people. To keep them contented our HR team carries out many team building activities, conduct events and offerings that advocated a lively work culture, enabling employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance," he comments. The company has healthy mix of a team of both experienced industry people and passionate youth.

Design Tree has been devising state-of-the-art services and solutions for the real estate industry across the country

The Achievements
DesignTree's founders are big dreamers and its prosperity speaks about it. It is their vision endurance that procured the company boundless fame and fortune. Originated in Bangalore, it soon had office in other major cities like Chennai, Vijaywada, Kolkata and Hyderabad. A dream of just four individuals today is family of over almost 450 engineers working on some of the biggest & iconic project across the country. Thus in a span of 10 years, the company has witnessed an extensive growth in terms of clients, revenue and geographical presence. It has worked and received a number of citations and awards from leading companies like Dell, Prestige Group, Oakridge Inter-national School and many others. "Our success graph has been moving in a skyward direction since day one. In just our first few months we had about 25 people in our team, and we have kept on growing with each passing day and year. At present we have offices in almost 5 major cities of the country. Our proudest achievement is to ensure the latest technology in green consulting discipline," informs Nupur Risbood, Technical Director, DesignTree.

What lies in Future?
The company is all set to make new strokes of geniuses. It aspires to mount up the growth rate so as to become the largest and the best engineering firm in the country. It aims to attend social obligations towards the deprived and further upgrade the quality of its services. "Fortunately, the growth of DesignTree has been meteoric and we maneuver to maintain it. We have plans to inaugurate more offices in different locations. We also intend to tighten our grips on creating new standards and benchmarks for us internally and for the industry." she concludes.