DNA Consult: Offering Deep Insights and Cost- Effective Market Research Solutions

Anup Kumar,Founder

Anup Kumar


There is a very large demand for market research and consulting services, but at the same time, there is a big gap in the market in terms of offering tailored custom consulting solutions to clients at afford-able price points. This led to a group of experienced researchers, having over two decades of experience with marquee research-based consulting firms, to tap into the wide space that the domain offered and join hands together to lay the foundation of DNA Consult a few years ago. Operating from the cities of Mumbai and Bangalore, the core team within DNA Consult brings with them close to about 200 years of combined work experience in the research-based consulting space and more specifically, expertise in the B2B consulting space. The core team has been involved in growth consulting engagements ad-vising clients on their entry & growth strategies, opportunity assessment, competitive mapping, customer assessment in not only in India but also in geographical regions like the South East Asia, European Union and Australia & Oceania.

Research Methodologies and Offerings
DNA Consult's model is structured around three major offerings. Firstly, the firm has a huge library of well researched industry reports which the clients can buy from DNA Consult at very affordable rates. The vast collection of industry reports can be used by a client in a bid to understand the market.

The second offering is custom consulting, wherein if the client wishes to understand the industry in greater detail, DNA Consult
provides them with customization of industry reports and goes on to understand the market using a combination of primary and secondary research methods.

The third and the most important offering is the availability of Domain Experts in this industry. That's where DNA Consult positions itself uniquely and has more than 35 Experts who have extensive experience in their respective industries. These Experts provide strategic insights to clients on the product-markets and catalyse decisions at their end.

DNA Consult believes in maintaining the right balance between secondary and primary research methods. For conducting secondary research, the firm has got secondary research desks, databases, and information derived from past research projects in the concerned industry. In terms of conducting primary research, DNA Consult has a strong team of industry analysts and consultants and a solid network of partners and industry experts who put in significant ground efforts in collecting the relevant industry and market related information that can be made amenable for analysis to drive research outcomes.

Over the last few years, DNA Consult's industry reports, as well as the custom consulting have been used by more than about 50 odd clients in the Indian market alone

The custom research solution of DNA Consult is the extension of the multi-client industry report offering where the firm provides the clients, a bird's eye view of the markets that are of interest. Over the last few years, DNA Consult's industry reports, as well as the custom consulting have been used by more than about 50 odd clients in the Indian market alone. An example of a case study where DNA Consult is currently engaging with a Fintech client. The team mapped the landscape of SME's and their financial needs in the Indian market. The team covered multiple cities to gather information about the SMEs based on their industry type and size, their financial needs, gaps and current solutions in the Fintech space. With this, DNA Consult team could decipher and bring insights that clearly set out where the opportunities for private players to innovate and create Fintech solutions for the SME segment. This is a classic example of how DNA Consult goes down deep and understands the market needs and needs gap.

For the future endeavour, DNA Consult will be looking to expand in terms of geographical presence and in terms of capital deployed to technology. Strategic investments are in the pipeline and in the next 6 to 12 months, DNA Consult is planning to open offices in Dubai and the US.