DNA Growth: Helping Businesses Grow

CA Akshay Jain, Director & Founder

CA Akshay Jain

Director & Founder

Punjab based DNA Growth was established in the year 2011 with the aim of assisting clients address problems related to financial planning for their businesses, analysing new growth opportunities, market research and creating online content and assets for a digital future. To address these challenges, there was a need of developing solutions geared towards the client’s business growth. And this is exactly what DNA Growth did. “The client response to our solutions gave us the confidence to spread our wings and we were able to aggressively expand into serving clients across India and globally,” says CA Akshay Jain - Director and Founder.

DNA Growth has three core divisions, namely Business and Financial Planning that involves creating business plans, pitch decks, valuations, fundraising support, M&A analytics, financial projections, and complex excel tools; Market Research and Analytics that encompass industry reports, market sizing, competitor landscape, feasibility assessment, market research reports, database creation and Content Development that includes producing bespoke whitepapers, presentations, newsletters, blog articles,
infographics, editorial support. The company helps clients focus on their core operations and acts as a catalyst for their growth by executing business and financial plans, market research and content.

DNA Growth has served SMEs and startups in over 35 countries and over 50 industries

Sailing against the Wind
With Digital shaking up the Indian business ecosystem, it is both a threat and an opportunity. Startups are looking to leverage the ongoing digital wave and SMEs are evolving to harness the power of digital. Team DNA Growth understands the pain points of SMEs and startups and provides a long term partnership by offering tailored solutions in the fields of business planning, financial analytics, and bespoke content development. “Instead of trying to sell our client any service, we focus on how we can help them grow or solve a business/financial problem. We not only focus on advisory but handhold the client during the execution as well,” explicates Akshay.

Till date, the company has served SMEs and startups in over 35 countries and over 50 industries. This experience has encouraged the team to generate actionable insights for the clients by cross-pollinating best practices from multiple geographies and markets. “We work as a unit which brings synergies both internally and to our clients. This allows us to be a one stop destination for business
plans,market research,financial modelling, and social media content,” he informs.

With over 40 professionals from premier organizations like Deloitte, Thomson Reuters, Genpact, UBS (Verity Solutions), Evalue serve, IDFC Bank, the company’s ethos is built on Helping Businesses Grow. Akshay shares, “We want to give our clients that edge in a hyper competitive marketplace. And that understanding of how critical our work is for the client, what impact this will have on the industry landscape is what drives us to excellence.”

A Bright Future
DNA Growth has had an exhilarating journey with a lot of learning involved. It began functioning with a team of five professionals and now houses a team of over 40 and counting. “We are serving a wide range of clients; we support Tech Startups, E-commerce players, SMEs and Online Media companies. We are also actively executing for Investment Banks, Venture Capital Firms, Financial Services Providers,and RealEstate Developers. Our clients are majorly clustered in the US, UK, and India,” he adds.

The company has recently entered into a JV with SocioDNA, a premier Social Media and Digital Marketing agency. “This gives our clients a truly complete experience from support for business ideation and feasibility to funding solutions via pitch decks and business plans to growth via digital content and social media marketing. We are also adding KPO and high value back office operations focused on finance and accounting verticals on the demand of our international clients,” he concludes.