Dua Consulting: Synergizing Legal Support & Domain Expertise to Meet Client's Commercial Objectives

Brijendra (B K) Syngal, Senior Principal

Brijendra (B K) Syngal

Senior Principal

American educator, author & businessman Stephen Covey says,"Synergy is the highest activity of life; it creates untapped alternatives by valuing & exploiting the differences."The success story of Dua Consulting serves as the perfect arche type of synergy. Established as the consulting arm of Dua Associates, a reputed high-end law firm founded in 1991, Dua Consulting provides a comprehensive perspective on issues that matter the most, which works in favor of industries like telecom,where law & regulation works hand-in-hand.

A side from pure business consulting, in some cases the firm lets the law firm take the lead and offers just support when needed. On several occasions,the initial hand shake instigates with consulting and later impressed by Dua's professionalism, clients have tried out its legal services. For instance, for a leading U.S. based telecom operator, Dua Consulting leveraged its deep domain expertise to guide them with policy regulation and licensing, while the law aspect was handled by Dua Associates.

Winning the Unconquerable

"Having a niche practice in a highly regulated industry,our main goal is
ensuring that our client's commercial objectives are met. Our people with law & domain expertise play as a team, rather than working in silos," remarks Brijendra (B K) Syngal, Senior Principal, Dua Consulting.This along with the fact that the company is filled with plentiful experts in the fields of M&A,infrastructure, project finance and tax, amongst others, helps Dua to solve a problem from multiple perspectives covering various aspects. Practicing for more than quarter a century and having established contacts across various levels of decision makers and thought leaders, Dua's strategic advocacy has facilitated the company to win cases like de-licensing a frequency, which is quite a night mare in any country.

Dua Consultingprovides a comprehensive perspective on issues that matter the most, which works in favor of industries like telecom, where law & regulation works hand-in-hand.

The company that emphasizes on quality of services rendered rather than acquiring volumes of customers, has been successful at handling many Fortune 500 companies and has facilitated the power of business for MNCs including Google, Facebook, Cisco, Sprint, SES, Knowlarity, Telenor(Norway), AT&T among several others; apart providing support to umpteen prominent people on law. Dua Consulting acts on the processes that are not only good for industry but also good for the country.It helped industry save
billions of dollars by not having to go from ten digits to eleven digits. Being a legendary firm, Dua shares its wisdom via various channels such as newspapers, contributes to policy processes in various forms across verticals and participates in the consultation processes of TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) and others.

Ethics Meeting Brilliance

The firm takes pride in being very ethical while advising its clients, even if the truth is bitter. Being a high-end firm, Dua handles divergent tasks on a daily basis, which gives hands-on experience to its people. Besides regular training sessions conducted by in-house experts, the firm encourages its people to attend conferences and learn from tutorials in order to gain up-to-date knowledge about the nuances of business and the domains they work on. "It is imperative to understand how our client's business works in order to render indomitable legal or regulatory advice," explains Gunjan Malviya, Partner, Dua Associates.

On the other hand, Brijendra, who is on the boards of several companies, interfaces with regulatory authorities on a one-on-one basis, which bestows Dua with a unique perspective. He has instilled a liberal work culture, where anyone seeking guidance can confidently walk into his office.

The firm is geared up for the upcoming opportunities like Digital India & Make in India. With a positive outlook for looming innovation in technology and business, in the coming years, there are bound to be opportunities which will fuel Dua's business both on the Associates as well as Consulting side.