Dynamics Financial Services: Promising High - Standard Financial Assistance to Budding Businesses

Dr. Mahendra Jain,    Founder

Dr. Mahendra KumarJain, Founder

In an ideal scenario, everybody would have enough money to keep up with all their needs and requirements. However, in today’s real world, many of us have little or no option but to borrow funds to meet our goals, both real and imagined. For Banks and other Non-Banking Financial Companies, this gap between reality and aspiration of the customer is their area of opportunity to fetch potential customers with loan offers through emails, SMS and phone calls. While some of these promise low-interest rates, others offer quick disbursement and an easy process. Clearly, in today’s scenario, it is impossible to keep a small business running with money drawn from one’s own pocket. Whether it is purchasing machines, hiring new employees, or expanding the reach, each demands extra capital. And, the fact that it is becoming increasingly difficult for SMEs to secure funding from banks is making it even more challenging.

A commerce graduate and an industry veteran with over twenty-two years’ of experience in the Business Marketing and Banking industry, Dr. Mahendra Kumar Jain recognized the need for focused assistance in Debt Capital Raising by SMEs. With a vision to bridge the gap between business owners and banking institutes, and to assist consumers with their loans and other financial requirements, Dr. Mahendra established Dynamic Financial Services, an end-to-end financial consultancy service provider which is engaged in connecting Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with Banks/NBFCS/FIs. “As a commerce graduate, the initial days of my career had always influenced me to work in some service industry. On coming to Bangalore, I saw numerous industries with several teams. I realized that I could help these people with loans since most people were cheating customers in the name of funding and financial assistance. This is when the idea of setting up a Financial Consultancy firm came into my mind and eventually led to the inception of Dynamic Financial Services (DFS). Today, we are not just serving companies from various industrial verticals, but we are also fulfilling the need for a trustworthy financial consultancy provider among Small and Medium scale enterprises,” utters Dr. Mahendra Kumar Jain, CEO, Dynamic Financial Services.

Assisting Businesses in Saving Time and Efforts during Loan Raising Process
Today, SMEs and MSMEs form the backbone of the Indian service sector. They contribute to almost 6.11% of the total manufacturing GDP and 24.63% of service sector GDP. While SMEs drive economic growth with their ability to innovate and employ in large numbers, the biggest challenge faced by these businesses is access to finances. Despite the efforts of the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises, SIDBI and support from the RBI by inclusion under priority sector, there continues to be a huge demand-supply mismatch in SME financing. “At Dynamic Financials, we meticulouslyevaluate the loan requirements of our customers and then approach the right banking institute for the fulfilment of their monetary needs. Our unique range of offerings include retail funding which includes Housing Loans, Loans against Property, Lease Rental Discounting, Takeover, and Enhancement, here also loan against property is an emergency option for people when they want
to get eitherloan for children's education, or marriage or house renovation. While SME funding service includes funding to small and medium-sized companies, and represents a major function of the general finance market in which capital for different types o f firms are supplied, acquired, and priced; business people rely on CFOs for advisory who in turn seek consultation from us, and we advise them with what kind of industry they are in, what kind of product they need, we come to their help when bankers or Chartered Accountants fail to advise them. Likewise, Project funding is an exclusively managed service for builders for construction of residential and commercial properties. With our wide network spread across the country, in addition to our online and offline presence and tie-ups with numerous banks and financial institutes, we at Dynamic Financial Services understand the banking system, and with our work experience and the knowledge gained over the years, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to assisting our customers,” says Dr. Mahendra Kumar Jain.

"Dynamic Financial Services Firmly Believes That For The Growth Of The Economy And For The Smes To Succeed, They Need To Be Supported With Their Financial Need"

Dynamic Financial Services firmly believes that for the growth of the economy and for the SMEs to succeed, they need to be supported with their financial need, which essentially means making loan application process simple and hassle-free with quick turnaround time. In the absence of correct and complete information, a loan appraiser takes more time to process the application and sometimes ends up giving a lower loan amount approval. Dynamic Financial Services is devoted to helping such people and assisting them to get loans and subsidies from its partner banks so that they can easily get the funds to work out their business without any of the hard work. DFS offers end-to-end assistance to its customers, starting from analyzing their business and the need of loan to selection of appropriate debt solutions and structures, interacting with our partner banks, representation of the customer’s case, preparation of Financial Report assistance in credit rating process, getting loans approved at lower interest rates, loan disbursements, and many more.

Speaking about the process, Dr. Mahendra mentions, “First and foremost, we understand our customers and their purpose of taking a loan. Once a lead is generated, we send out the proposal and then if the client agrees we collect all the documents, we then choose the banks as per the requirement of the customer. Once a banker is confirmed, we introduce them to the customer so that they know each other. If all goes well, we fill up the application form and submit to the bank where the documents are scrutinized, after the validation and assessment, they will get an appraisal of the client, and the documents are processed further for approval. Once the approval is done, the customer receives a sanction letter with a loan kit. We help the customers with the paperwork and we always ensure that the loan is disbursed as promised.”

Knowledge Shared is Power Multiplied
Recently recognized with an honorary doctorate from one of the universities, Dr. Mahendra Kumar Jain believes in the saying that ‘Knowledge is most useful when liberated and shared’. Keeping up with the above, today, Dr. Mahendra carries out at least one loan awareness programme per month where DFS educates individuals and mostly working professionals about the different types of loans, understanding about the banker, required documents, what documents should not be
submitted and much more. Dr. Mahendra states, “This loan awareness program is my contribution to the society. Staying aware of the changes in the finance industry is very important to all, right from big corporate to individuals. People should know how to make the best use of their funds. I educate them about howto approach a bank, checking documents, what to do once the loan is sanctioned, before signing a cheque, committed rate of interest, loan amount, and much more. We keep conducting programmes in many govt companies and this year, I am planning to conduct sessions twice a week, not just at my client’s location instead to all who seek information.”

Today, Dr. Mahendra Kumar Jain's firm is bringing a fresh and innovative approach to consulting services, acting as a liaison between the end-user and the financial solution providers. Having worked with the banking industry, the skilled team of professionals at Dynamic Financial Services are always aware of any new change in rules and regulations or rate of interest. “At DFS, we constantly upgrade the skills of our employees. We arrange training programmes for bankers within the office itself. Our monthly activities require mandatory participation of almost every employee at Dynamic Financial Services. We have competitions and we carry out knowledge or experience sharing sessions where employees talk about their experiences with clients. Their challenges, how did they tackle them, how did they formulate the ideas for work approach and so on. At Dynamic Financial Services, we are open to the idea of practical learning, hence, we also welcome interns and train them and give them practical exposure that enables them to compete in the industry,” utters Mahendra Kumar

Building Strong Client Relationships through Trust
Established in 2000, till date Dynamic Financial Services has worked in association with renowned names like CITI Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Bajaj Finance, Axis Bank, PNB Housing Finance, HDB(HDFC), Reliance Capital, Religare, ICICI Bank, Deutsche Bank and more. In the years to come Dynamic Financial Services is aspiring to spread its wings and expand its reach across various regions of the country. “When I had started the firm, I was working as a freelancer, however, as the time passed, my work was recognized, I got calls and references, and met the clients and all this I did myself. Soon, I got a workplace and hired a team of two; we signed up with Citi Banks and this is how Dynamic Financials stepped into corporate culture. Today, Dynamic Financial Services has offices across Mumbai and Chennai, the team size has grown to a different level and what we did earlier on small scale has grown bigger to more than 100 crores now,” asserts Dr. Mahendra.

Incepted with a vision to enable fast, flexible and easy loans for the customers that require it, today, Dynamic Financial Services has strong recognition in the industry. “We believe that the market continues to be underserved due to technical parameters limiting to credit eligibility, assessment, and approvals. With Dynamic Financial Service, we are simplifying this for our customers. We believe that every business that comes to us should be able to leverage the funds to succeed and reach greater heights. Over the years we have already made our spot amongst the manufacturers, traders and business persons; and people in the industry know who Mahendra Jain is and what Dynamic Financial Services holds. In the years to come, we are not just aiming to get 10 percent of the market share but we also want to have more than 100 offices across India and overseas in the next five years,” concludes Dr. Mahendra Kumar Jain.