EH1-Infotech: A Skilled Educator in the Cyber Security Space

Sahil Baghla, CEOFor the secure and efficient management of an organization, it is imperative for the individuals at its helm to be well informed of cyber security threats and ways to tackle them. On a different note, there are graduates from engineering, management & arts institutions opting to build their careers in the security space after gaining requisite understanding and expertise in the domain. However, educational services in this segment have a reputation of being misleading regarding guidance, promises, and overemphasis on theory as opposed to practical learning. Tending to these vacuums in the cyber security service space, EH1-Infotech (Mohali-based management, consulting technology services, training & outsourcing organization) offers online and traditional in-house training courses in cybersecurity, ethical hacking and penetration testing. Balancing both the sides of the spectrum, EH1-Infotech offers corporate training, seminars, and workshops to organizations around the globe, and training and placement services to students from diverse educational backgrounds.

Customer is the King
This ISO 9001:2008 Certified organization holds its customers in high regard and tirelessly endeavours to fulfil their every
need. “EH1-Infotech is a highly customer centric organization and takes pride in building long term strategic relationships with them,” says Sahil Baghla, CEO, EH1-Infotech, who is an internationally renowned expert on ethical hacking & cyber security. Being an accredited training centre of EC-Council U.S., EH1-Infotech offers numerous certification courses such as Certified Secure Computer User (CSCU), Certified Network Defender (CND), and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and so on. The ethical hacking course from EH1-Infotech has a short ‘45-60 days’ curriculum, which introduces the students to new techniques and crucial information. As a gift to the digital society, SahilBaghla (Founder & CEO, EH1-Infotech) and ArunSoni have authored a book called ‘Digital Cop Book’ which aims to enlighten the fraternity about cyber crimes, perils of the Internet, and precautions while surfing the Internet.

EH1-Infotech trains students by elucidating all the concepts related to a subject before proceeding to the next and polishes their interpersonal skills at the end of the training

Training Methodology
EH1-Infotech trains students by elucidating all the concepts related to a subject before proceeding to the next and polishes their interpersonal skills at the end of the training – enabling them to bag promising opportunities in various organizations. The company buys paid tutorials for every course, from which the trainers learn, who
in turn impact the learning to the students. EH1-Infotech customizes its course durations to suit the convenience of its students and even offers a 'ten days' 'cybersecurity' program for students with less time to spare. The training sessions are in English, Hindi, and Punjabi, making it easy for the students to master the concepts in a language of their preference. Streamlining the learning process further, screenshots of each lecture are provided to the students, and student’s progress is monitored continuously. EH1-Infotech also has tie-ups with numerous IT development companies, keeping posted on vacancies or new openings in their offices – a framework that helps students to find employment immediately after the completion of their courses.

Protecting the company from security breaches, secure user authentication and data security policies have been implemented within its premises. The company is on the verge of institutionalising a cyber law course for judges, police officers, lawyers, IT professionals, CA, company secretaries, Government officials, military personnel, and management professionals, online as well as in the work premises. With seminars and frequent industrial visits, the company never falls back in the area of technology adoption and up-gradation. Founded in 2010, EH1-Infotech has doubled its revenue every year and has plans to shift all of its services to an online platform. The firm is now working on improving its training quality and placements and will assist students in opting for courses that enhance their chances of employment.