Emerginc: Redefining Corporate Learning by Blending Human Behaviour with Practical Methodologies

Neha Baid, Founder

Neha Baid


As per a study conducted by The Grand Thorton Research and IIM-Kozhikode, one of the key challenges of maintaining India’s growing economy is the dearth of corporate learning and development programs. While L&D programs are instrumental in increasing the employees’ efficiency by 42 percent, 60 percent organisations refuse to adopt them, rendering the phenomenon of an overall development incomplete. Taking up this challenge, Mumbai-based Emerginc is helping organisations realise the need of end-to-end L&D programs and build a strong & productive workforce through its unique solutions & proactive methodology by incorporating human element in all its assignments for a holistic growth.

Unlike the myriad of industrial trainers and coaches cherry picking projects on their personal whims, Emerginc focuses on making unbiased decisions by assigning suitable trainer to match the project requirement. “Our core competency lies in understanding our clients’ needs in detail and subsequently providing the right fit to match the requirements,” asserts Neha Baid, Founder, Emerginc. The team undertakes a need-gap analysis to gain an overview on
the persisting issues, subsequently formulating customized solutions in form of soft skills and behavioural training, workshops and one-on-one or group coaching to sync the employees with their organisations’ goals and strategies, and vice-versa. So far, Emerginc has worked with clients from diverse industries like Pharma, IT, Manufacturing, Media, Healthcare, Logistics to name a few We have crafted distinct modules that have been instrumental in creating a synergy between the organisation and the employees, essential for accelerating business growth. Also helping the cash crunched SMEs and upcoming start ups, Neha explains, “We work in sync with them as outside consultants, deployment and build their departments from the scratch”.

Unlike the myriad of industrial trainers and coaches cherry picking projects on their personal whims, Emerginc focuses on making unbiased decisions by assigning suitable trainer to match the project requirement

Often, this synergy relies on the senior management’s perception and this is where Emerginc’s coaching services in leadership, organisational behaviour and time management helps the leaders perceive the workforce’s notions, open pathways to growth and work to derive & implement strategies most suited to the establishment’s needs. Interestingly, while the
expertise and experience of Emerginc’s team helps in providing the perfect professional armour, the company’s assessment centres (deployed for campus to senior recruitment) go a long way in polishing it to perfection. A set of tests or tools are deployed for understanding the person’s behaviour or the gap areas, and convert their weaknesses into strengths.

Diversified Approach
Emerginc is an experienced player that has turned around the old facets of several companies with respect to L&D programs. With its actions speaking louder than words, team Emerginc has time and again proven its mettle by rendering high ROI for the clients through its services with a fun twist of case studies, role plays, brain storming, simulations, games, action learning projects and many more, eventually winning their equivocal support. With PAN India services (centralized client discussion, decentralized execution), the company is re-defining convenience by conducting remote sessions through Skype and webinar demos. Though the company is looking into expanding its service footprint, the team doesn’t fall into the temptation of offering half-hearted service for a full price. No wonder, with such strong business acumen and ethics, Emerginc is currently experiencing a revenue growth of 70 percent annually. “We are in our rapid growth phase where we are aggressively exploring new markets and working on building a wider & more diversified partner base,” concludes Neha.