Entrust Family Office Investment Advisors: Custodians & Growth Merchants Of Wise Wealth

Rajmohan Krishnan,  Principal Founder & Managing Director

Rajmohan Krishnan, Principal Founder & Managing Director

It was Mr. Rajmohan Krishnan’s deeprooted desire to create an unbiased approach to investment advisory that lead to the genesis of Entrust Family Office Investment Advisors. While the journey of Entrust began as an Investment Advisory firm, over the last five years, it has built capabilities to be a holistic boutique Multi-family Office offering Investment and beyond investment services. “We operate on a pure advisory model, completely aligned to our client’s interest(maximize returns within acceptable risk)with zero conflict of interest. Our beginning was very humble in 2013, with a few much-respected families entrusting their wealth objectives to us. Today we manage an AUM of over 9000+ crores,” speaks Rajmohan Krishnan, Principal Founder & Managing Director.

One of the earliest SEBI registered Investment Advisory firms in India, Entrust is known to be a boutique Multi-Family Office, dedicated to providing advice on both investment and non-investment needs. While Family office in India is predominantly incorporated to structure and manage the wealth of the wealthy, Entrust disrupts this
very mindset by offering its client families Investment advisory services along with a spider web of experts who bring functional focus to services beyond investment such as business advisory, succession planning, joint ownership of family assets, nextgen mentoring,estate planning and philanthropy. “We have managed to break the mould and it is just a matter of perseverance before we start seeing Family offices in India taking its true place, just as in the west,” he says.

"To Foster Enduring Relationships With Clients With The End Objective Of Easing Their Bandwidth, Entrust Offers Services That Are Transparent,Trusted And Secure"

An Array of Services
To foster enduring relationships with clients with the end objective of easing their bandwidth, Entrust offers services that are transparent, trusted and secure. Entrust has tailored their services to suit the requirements of their target audience comprising of Ultra High Net worth Individuals(UHNIs), Successful business families and super successful professionals. Some of its investment services include Investment Advisory, Equity Advisory, Business Advisory Services, Accounting & Documentation, Customized Value Added Services, Real Estate Services, Social Investment, Estate, legacy & Succession Planning, OCI & NRI Services, amongst others. “Our only source of income is the fee which our clients’ pay for the services rendered. We do not distribute any products to make commissions from product manufacturers, for investments recommended,” he mentions.
While Entrust’s journey began with a mandate to structure and manage its client’s wealth, over the past few years, it now has multiple mandates from families to manage their real estate properties,(buy, sell and manage) to plan family vacations, business advisory on operation and management related issues in the family business and even mundane bandwidth choking daily chores like book keeping. “These ever-expanding mandate from our client families’ bare testimony to the trust we have earned being aligned to them and serving them with transparency andzero conflict of interest,” he asserts.

"Entrust Is Known To Be A Boutique Multi-Family Office, Dedicated To Providing Advice On Both Investment And Non-Investment Needs"

The Journey
The journey of Entrust has been very fulfilling. The company has been successful in staying true to its philosophy of partnering with its clients to nurture and grow wise wealth. Entrust is a self-financed company since inception and will continue to be one. This has helped team Entrust to remain true to our values and stay committed toquality work rather than chasing unsustainable growth to satisfy external investors. In terms of revenue, the company has grown multi-fold. “In the past six years, we have grown to a robust 35 member team serving over 30 wealthy families. We believe in depth than spread and therefore strategically have decided to focus in one (South)market,own it, dominate it and then spread our wings,” Rajmohan smiles.