Pollucare Engineers: Technological Expertise to Affordably Treat Indian Industries' Wastes

Dr. S. Saibabu,Chairman & MD
Dr. S. Saibabu, Chairman & MD

Environmental legislation has become increasingly more stringent over the years, and this has created a need for improved pollution control systems. To encourage large industrial emitters to embrace new innovations, government has introduced the concept of best available technology not entailing an excessive cost. Yet, government schemes for reducing pollution are not always well received by industry, mainly because additional investment is often required to comply with new regulations. Dr. S. Saibabu, Chairman & Managing Director, Pollucare Engineers India Private Limited, however, looks at solutions that significantly reduce the costs associated with waste management by improving the performance of pollution control equipment & systems with the use of advanced technology and innovative solutions.

A one-stop-solution for all Environmental, Pollution Control measures for Industrial & Infrastructure development projects, Pollucare acts as an Environmental partner for various organizations from Conceptualizing to Commissioning of the project by undertaking appropriate
QCDR (Quality, Cost, Delivery, and Response) approach. “Our QCDR approach ensures optimum design without compromising on quality, optimum cost for the design, on-time delivery and quick response in a responsible manner for the successful completion of the project and continue to service them for the full life cycle of the project,” states Dr. S. Saibabu, who holds vast experience in environmental engineering with international exposure in project management with strong leadership skills. Also, being an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified company possessing a NABL accredited environmental laboratory, this Chennai-headquartered company harbors an environment to carry-out environmental monitoring of waste water, air, noise, vibration and illumination dedicated for health and safety.

"A strong believer of word-of-mouth concept, Pollucare goes to any extent to get the results and gain the confidence of the customers"

The QCDR Approach
Equally, this 100-employee strong company focuses on consultancy, as well as EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) projects and EHS market. It all starts with consulting the clients first and then engineering the desired solutions by enacting the line ‘Solution for Pollution’. Pollucare not only helps its clients to handle the Government agencies by providing optimum Environmental and Pollution Control solutions as per the guidelines of the Government statutory authorities, but also
enables its clients to get their Government clearances like Environment clearance, Pollution control board clearance, and health & safety licenses.

A strong believer of word-of-mouth concept, Pollucare goes to any extent to get the results and gain the confidence of the customers. This has helped it to create an impressive list of clients with the likes of Tata Groups and TVS Groups and a geographical expansion across Hosur, Hyderabad, Ananthpur and Trichy, not to mention its international office in Dhaka. As such, state-of-the-art technologies are predominantly used by Pollucare, like MBBR (Moving Bed Bio Reactor) method for treating Municipal waste water, Zero Liquid Discharge technology for industrial waste water treatment and Reject Management System (Multiple Effect Evaporator, Agitated Thin File Dryer, Pusher Centrifuge and Salt Recovery System) for treating the RO reject.

A Team Built for Market Dominance
The team that Pollucare carefully nurtures and builds is not only its backbone, but also a family that considers every individual as the business partners of the organization. Marching ahead with a double digit turnover, Pollucare is all poised to grow its employee count and strengthen its growth by fivefold in the next few years. Pollucare has expanded itself in the industrial and municipal wastewater treatments and is gradually moving towards the challenging solid waste management arena.