EPOCH Insurance Brokers: A Comprehensive Insurance Management Platform to Protect Business and Personal Risks

Saving for the rainy day has been an age-long practice. With the passage of time, new modifications to this definition have evolved. The Indian Insurance Sector was nationalized in 1971 and only state-run 5 companies were allowed to operate. With liberalization and formation of Insurance Regulatory Development Authority in the year 2000, the Indian general insurance sector received a fillip in professionalism. The broker regulations in 2001 made way for a highly competitive regime of qualified consultants who now play a decisive role in finalising the terms and conditions for their clients policies Keeping in view the clients specific requirements and are able to optimize the output with hard negotiations with various insurance companies.

One of the most prominent insurance broking entity in town today is EPOCH Insurance Brokers offering cost-effective interventions with defined value-added objectives. The founding stone of this prodigious company was laid by Pankaj Chauhan, an alumnus of IMT Ghaziabad. He has been in the insurance industry for over 16 years and has a thorough knowledge of the finer points of the insurance business. He has recognized the pitfalls of the insurance industry in service parameters, claim management and even product awareness. Added to it, was the lack of innovation which made this industry look static. “I had found some clients suffering immensely in financial terms because of the faulty structure of the policies in the event of occurrence of claims. I was determined to correct this anomaly’’ asserts Pankaj Chauhan, CEO and Managing Director.

The Journey Forward

In the six years of our journey with feverish competition with our peers, we have been able to make a name for ourselves. We concentrated on providing proper risk assessment to all the policies and structured them suitably so that no impediment are caused to any claim settlement in future which, in turn, leads to adequate financial compensation from the insurance company.

The roles and responsibilities of a broker are clearly defined in the IRDA act and was solemnly follow the rules and directives issued by IRDA from time to time. Based on our sound insurance underwriting knowledge and awareness of rules & regulations,
Pankaj Chauhan,Founder

Pankaj Chauhan, CEO & Managing Director

we have been able to garner huge support from some of the large corporates, MNC’s and blue-chip establishments. "Our expertise tells it all to our customers" adds Pankaj Chauhan.

With sheer determination and clarity of vision, Epoch brokers have been able to make a place in the insurance domain of our country

With sheer determination and clarity of vision, Epoch brokers have been able to make a place in the insurance domain of our country. Over the years, it has grown impressively in terms of revenue, clients and geographical presence. It witnessed a fourfold increase in its revenue, served more than 150+ corporate clients, have onboard 50+ employees and is currently operating in 5 major states of the country. The combined experience of our workforce has been 150 years which has paved the way for us acquire an excellent name in the broking circles of India. The hard work and sincerity put together by our team have yielded wonderful results which are also manifested by 100 percent client retention. Pankaj proudly states, "100 percent retention is extremely rare and we take special pride in saying so. Kudos to our efficient team."

The company has imparted great importance to its employees as well and has adopted best-known HR practices. This has led to a very high level of employee satisfaction thus enriching our efficiency. The team’s understanding of the future concept of insurance is to move to risk prevention modality. “We have lately been advising our clients on risk improvement and prevention methodology which, according to us, would be a win-win situation for both the Insured and insurer. Our roadmap for the future also includes marking our presence in all the industrial cities so that we can help the big industrial houses to structure the best solutions for them,” he avers.

Pankaj happily concludes, “We have made our presence felt and would soon be one of the elite and most sought after insurance brokers in the country.’’