Eshaan Energy: Harnessing Renewable Resources for better Power Production in India

Burra Phani Chandra,   Founder & CEO

Burra Phani Chandra

Founder & CEO

In the arena of Solar Power Generation, Eshaan Energy is a name well-known. Focusing on the regions of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Eshaan Energy is a leading complete solutions provider for Solar energy and solar power production. Over the years, they have installed over 600 solar systems including rooftop solar systems, ground mounted solar systems, shed mounted solar systems, and RCC mounted solar systems, all of which have contributed to their clients saving roughly 85% on their electricity bills. This has also led to a considerable lowering in the CO2 emissions by about 24000 tons per year.

Eshaan Energy, having partnered with technological experts, integration providers as well as core manufacturing facilities provides a number of services to its customers. Their strategies and key competencies reside in the solar power chain in solar photovoltaic technologies. Through policy advocacy, liaisoning with the government and providing recommendations to regulatory authorities as well as adopting a proactive working style, Eshaan energy has been able to keep up its pace and expertly combat any and all challenges it has ever faced. By integrating Environmental Health, a healthy working environment, healthy lifestyles, innovation, as well as a strong will to deliver outstanding results to all clients, Eshaan Energy has been able to establish a strong footing for itself in the market.

Assisting Clients End-to-End
As anComplete Solar EPC solutions provider, Eshaan Energy offers the expertise as well as the tools to commission and execute
solar projects of any proportion on a turnkey basis, right from conceptualization to completion while catering to the custom requirements of clients. The portfolio of offerings spans individual, residential, commercial, industrial and utility scale projects and MW scale Solar Parks . Our MOTTO is to satisfy our customer by completion of project on time, delivery without compromising quality and cost”, says Burra Phani Chandra, Founder & CEO Eshaan Energy Private Limited.

Surpassing Expectations
Having formed some very fruitful associations like the NSEF, CII, FAPCI, AP Chambers, and more, Eshaan is able to provide unmatched services. In association with the impact of these associations can be seen in various processes like approving Net Metering vs Gross Metering, removing CEIG for solar systems lower than 100 KW, and removing difficulties in applying solar net metering applications. Owing to the various challenges that Eshaan Energy has successfully overcome, the company has been able to create a respectable position for itself in the solar power industry. To commemorate its various achievements, the company has been awarded various awards including the AP State Solar Rooftop Leader award, twice.

Our MOTTO is to satisfy our customer by completion of project on time, delivery without compromising quality and cost

Enlightening the Future
Eshaan Energy always uses high quality & reliable solar modules and balance of systems to build capacities in a sustainable way so that the unfavorable climatic changes can be mitigated drastically. The company has its inhouse engineering, design execution and operation capabilities through a team of highly experienced professionals and engineers. Eshaan Energy is well equipped to deliver the most effective solution for both during construction and operation of client’s power plant. More so, the team at Eshaan uses the most advanced and latest software for modeling, shadow analysis and visualization.

With a clear-cut mission and an ever-learning and growing attitude, Eshaan Energy is on the path to revolutionizing the Solar Power industry. In their goal of empowering 100000 lives through sustainable, innovative, and affordable solutions; Eshaan is working hard to establish 100MW of operating assets. With the target of achieving this goal by 2024, Eshaan hopes to reduce our carbon footprint in Tons. Their final goal is “taking Eshaan overseas and entering the markets of APAC, Middle East, and Europe.” “These certificates of appreciation are awarded towards our excellent performance and efforts displayed while installing 600 solar rooftop/water pumping systems in the states of AP and TS. We are looking forward to doing more in helping India become self-sufficient with respect to energy generation".