Euphoria consulting: Enabling Smooth Transformation via Nuanced Organizational Development Strategists

Ashish Patel,Founder& CEO

Ashish Patel

Founder& CEO

Like in life, in the corporate world too, change is the only constant. Every business entity essentially goes through various stages of transformation based on where it is in its growth cycle. Be it an organic need for change or a voluntary action undertaken by the management, it is essential for organizations to transition through this process efficiently. Empowering clients to cruise through such critical transformation phases smoothly & effectively is Euphoria consulting, an organizational development firm, which handholds clients throughout their entire growth journey with comprehensive services including creating change framework, executive coaching, leadership profiling & development, and learning facilitation.

Managing Change &Scalability
Be it a merger/acquisition deal with another organization, cultural change for facilitating business growth, change in management, or keeping up with the growth spurt, Euphoria first identifies the specific rationale behind change and builds the entire change framework. It stays with client through every step of the framework implementation process, measures the impact of
change in the day to day behaviour or practices for a span of 18-36 months and finally hands over the entire activity to the client to run internally.

Thanks to its domain experts with diverse industry specialization, the firm renders a stellar scalability structure with detailed exercises aimed at helping the client prepare for scalability

Euphoria’s four step engagement plan includes discovery, design, deployment and development of client capability stage. “It is the fourth step that makes our model unique. To remove any future dependency, we shift the entire capability and learning to the client and enable them to run the process independently in the future,” says Ashish Patel, Founder, Euphoria consulting. Thanks to its domain experts with diverse industry specialization, the firm renders a stellar scalability structure with detailed exercises aimed at helping the client prepare for scalability. Additionally, the consultants also measure an organization’s readiness for scale.

Coaching Executives for Excellence
Another integral part of Euphoria’s roster of services is executive coaching, which entails changing mind-sets and building scalability leadership capability among founders or senior management. “We often notice that companies might have senior team members who
are unable to perform at their optimum level,” adds Ashish. In other cases, some individuals might themselves be of the view that they possess the capacity to add more value to their organization. Euphoria’s leadership canvas reflection exercises help such executives to understand the behavioural triggers that might be pulling them down so they can work upon them.

Strategizing For Further Growth
Founded in 2004, in the last decade the firm has built a strong clientele of over 140 organizations spread over India, Middle East, South Asia and Eastern Europe. From humble beginnings in Ahmedabad, Euphoria has expanded its presence and today has offices in Mumbai & Dubai The firm has also forged international collaboration with organizations like Strategic Group, Canada, which enables Euphoria to adeptly cater to MNCs coming from USA & Europe.

The firm’s unique product - Employee Voice Survey (EVS), aids users to understand their workforce’s experience with the organization. The company is also bringing in the cultural context by researching on how to compare employee experience across multiple countries. The forward looking organization is also looking at creating a global CEO profile which would specialize in helping a leader to leverage diversity. Armed with inimitable ideas, Euphoria is all set to win over a larger clientele by expanding it’s presence in Middle East & Opening a new office in South Asia in next 2- 3 years.