Evalueserve: Merging Art & Science of Analytics to Power Actionable Business: Merging Art & Science of Analytics to Power Actionable Business Insights

Marc Vollenweider,Co-Founder& Chief Strategist

Marc Vollenweider

Co-Founder& Chief Strategist

Big data has been heralded as one of the most impactful trends when it comes to business. As catchy as the buzzword may seem, in reality several companies have been struggling when it comes to driving business outcomes from data. ‘Actionable insight’ is the missing link here. To remedy this, Evalueserve, a provider of solutions and specialist services for research, analytics and data management implements and operationalizes analytics to enable robust business decisions.

Founded in 2000, the firm was one of the predecessors to focus on analytics and to bring together the traditionally distinct aspects of data gathering and research. Aimed at solving business problems, Evalueserve leverages advanced analytical techniques to effectively combine primary, secondary and social data to deliver strategic insights. The firm leverages technology to generate and harness insights on a large scale and has thus helped various Fortune 500 companies significantly cut costs, reduce timescales and gain an edge over competition.

Serving Solutions across Verticals
In today’s highly competitive corporate world, every business faces its industry or vertical specific challenges. Also, each segment is at a different maturity point in its data digitization process and analytics journey. Adept at
working with organizations spanning across industries, functions and regions, Evalueserve masters engagements operational along the entire analytics maturity curve. Be it sales & marketing centric issues, operational challenges, pricing & revenue management or requirements centred around customer insights, the firm delivers tangible impact to clients through insights, recommendations, next steps and future value-adds & reuse opportunities.

Evalueserve’s bespoke services are powered by mind+machine, a one of a kind combination of human expertise and best in class technologies

Evalueserve’s bespoke services are powered by mind+machine, a one of a kind combination of human expertise and best in class technologies. The firm is structured into domain-specific groups, which helps it design and manage tailored processes for clients across verticals. Holding deep domain knowledge, Evalueserve has successfully worked with clients from arenas such as financial services, life sciences, healthcare & pharma, technology, oil & gas, automotive and other professional services businesses.

Creating Synergy across Lines of Business
As most companies adopt the ‘data driven’ approach in a hurry, this puts them in a disadvantageous position. “Lines of business(LoBs)often run their own analytics projects in silos, creating the risk of each LOB reinventing the wheel or duplicating efforts,” explains Marc Vollen weider, Co-Founder& Chief Strategist, Evalueserve. Additionally, companies are plagued by lack
of understanding regarding resources, timeline and budget requirements. Ambiguity around success metrics and retaining data professionals are other challenges faced by organizations.

Evalueserve has devised UsecaseHub, a platform that harnesses maximum business value from an organization’s analytics lifecycle. The platform enables better knowledge management, improved governance and reporting, and improves RoI &impact on business. Utilizing a three pronged approach to counter the challenges, UsecaseHub manages analytics knowledge through a simple framework to remove silos and enhances cross-LoB analytics skills and learning. It also increases diligence and oversight as projects progress in their lifecycle. Additionally, it enables greater synergy between LoBs and the central/corporate team, thereby ensuring greater impact of business insights. Alongside UsecaseHub, Evalueserve has also built other business-relevant digital platforms, such as Procuremine for custom procurement intelligence and analytics and Spreadsmart, its patented software for more efficient financial spreading.

Riding on the wings of its all comprehensive services, the company’s analytics business enjoys a double digit growth rate. With an already steady client base, the firm is all set to open an office in Bengaluru in the second quarter of 2018. Evalueserve is now working towards establishing a strong foothold in this market, in addition to its presence in Gurgaon and Mumbai. Evalueserve has dedicated on-site teams and saleable global operation centres in Chile, China, India, Romania, the UAE, and the US, which provide multi-time zone andmulti-lingual services.