Evolution Strategy Advisors: The Sales Doctor Offering Unique Business Diagnostics Solutions

VineetTrakroo,,Consumer Marketing Strategist


Consumer Marketing Strategist

Businesses with potential to grow are often restrained by inefficient branding/marketing/sales strategies. Products which have been massive successes in the past become obsolete and fail to compete with the new entrants which are powered by innovative technology. Businessmen look for ways to accurately gauge, diagnose and improve the growth of their merchandise. Profits can be increased by repositioning or raising the prices of products, but to leap into such makeovers without expert consult could prove to be detrimental.

Resolving such business conundrums is the specialty of the Mumbai-based Evolution Strategy Advisors (ESA), who works with NSI Business Solutions, California, to refine businesses for large organizations. Leveraging marketing-tech, the company uses cutting-edge technologies to identify issues in sales and marketing. Adopting the 'diagnostic' approach (introduced in India three years ago by ESA), the ‘Sales Doctors’of ESA solve marketing & sales related hurdles faced by companies (in consumer, automobile and pharmaceutical sectors).Growing brands, revitalizing businesses to adapt to new market trends, quantifying & improving the performance of
products, and repositioning products to increase returns are the four centre pieces of ESAs functioning.

With no peer contenders with the same proposition, ESA monopolizes this domain with its solutions offered at product/brand level, wielding CapturePlus for diagnostics and analytics

Dexterous Tools & Methodology

With pointed attention on a specific category of business, the information about the troubles in marketing & sales and the landmarks to be achieved are extracted from the clients. After which, the company’s proprietary diagnostic tools are used to detect the core-concerns. Further deepening the scope of the process, a set of perfectly crafted questions is posed to the client’s ‘Brain Trust’(sales team, dealers, distributors, customers and influencers ) via emails through a cloud-based platform called Capture Plus. Performing advanced analytics on the responses received on Capture Plus brings the issues and their solutions to light. With no peer contenders with the same proposition, the company monopolizes this domain with its solutions offered at product/brand level, wielding Capture Plus for diagnostics and analytics.“Our consulting recommendations are arrived at from the people associated with the clients’ organizations or stake holders, thus there is accuracy in problem identification and solution,” says
VineetTrakroo, Consumer Marketing Strategist, Evolution Strategy Advisors.

The Power-packed Impact

Typically consuming three-to-six weeks for completion, the speedy process has positively impacted the businesses of Tata Motors, Pepsi, Pfizer, Godfrey Philips,Crompton and many more by up-scaling their growth by a minimum of 20 percent to a considerable proliferation of 300 percent. The company believes that the vast geographical area and the huge manpower in India handling different roles in businesses make the country a highly potent business place.“Our solutions are for companies based in India to grow their business and get them to be globally competitive while we work with both multinational and Indian companies,” asserts Vineet.

The company’s revenue has quadrupled in the last two years while being devoted to growing its clients’ enterprises by comparable or greater metrics. The close operation with customers uncovers their needs and feedbacks precisely, the inferences from which are then used to augment the analytical tool. By taking up complex problems, ESA aims to improve its aptitude through the solutions and insights derived while working on them. Having plans to serve new companies in the existing segment and offering solutions to sub Rs.2000 crore organizations, ESA also targets finance and B2B sectors in the future. The company would also enable its clients to resolve smaller business issues by utilizing its diagnostic tool on a daily basis and is developing a mobile application for CapturePlus platform.