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 Diptiman Behera,   Country Director - India

Diptiman Behera

Country Director - India

When choosing an education course overseas, following the herd blindly may seem alluring to many students or their parents. But unfortunately, the process that starts from selecting the right institute in a desired destination to starting education there can become perplexing, long, and arduous, if not planned carefully. Although multiple education and migration consultants promise to make the whole process hassle-free, there are very few firms that stand by students as guiding lights throughout their entire journey of finding a world-class education and forging a commensurate career in a foreign land. Leading the charts of such rare gems for the last 20 years is Expert Education and Visa, a premier education and migration consultant based in Australia.

As one of the founders and directors, Badri Aryal, states in his message, the spirit of transparency and trustworthiness in the services offered by Expert Education and Visa has not only garnered the appreciation of 100,000+ clients but also catapulted the firm as an expert in the industry, with a commitment to continuously induce customer welfare and satisfaction. Run with a right jumble of certified experts in its team, the venture is renowned for its endto-end bespoke service portfolio that includes positioning students in one of its partner institutions in countries including Australia, Canada, the US, and the UK. In a market replete with providers who either have offices
locally or who are only present in the destination countries, Expert Education and Visa has carved a niche through a global network of local as well as 55+ offshore offices in 17 countries. This, in turn, leverages continued support for students in terms of getting a visa, opening bank accounts, accommodation, taxation, part time job assistance, and other necessary aids.

Diptiman Behera, the Country Director (India) of Expert Education and Visa, credits the standardized quality of the services to the adept team and founders and directors of the company, Badri Aryal, and Sanjeev Sharma. “As the core pillars of the organization, they ensure that everyone undergoes rigorous training in understanding the business process and type of service delivery. In addition, the combined efforts of the team, including the counselors, training personnel, admin staff, and support staff, provide a good experience for our partner institutions and students”, claims Diptiman.

At Expert Education and Visa, we are committed to providing quality service. Hence, for a client who is on the hunt for quality services before & after sales, we are always there to support them

The Success Mantra
Expert Education and Visa initiate the process by profiling the aspirants to understand their abilities, and its one-onone counseling coupled with scientific tests further aids the analysis. The firm also encourages students to stay current with the trends in education to empower them to make informed decisions while assisting them with their initial financial struggles at their study destinations. “We have more than 20 officers dedicated to providing stressfree migration even after completion of the course”, adds Diptiman. The company’s complimentary services and delivery standards are added advantages in alleviating the unnecessary burden.

Expert Education and Visa are currently engaged in developing a scientific approach to empower students and their parents to seize brighter educational opportunities. Gauging the exponential increase in the Indian diaspora, the company envisions being one of the top five recruiters from India for Australia and clients in other countries. To achieve this, the brand is planning to establish its footprint in all the Indian states in the near future. “At Expert Education and Visa, we are committed to providing quality service. Hence, for a client who is on the hunt for quality services before and after sales, we are always there to support them”, concludes Diptiman.