Factise Consulting: Empowering Business Evolution towards Excellence

Chandru Durairaj & Padmaraj Sadanandam,    Co-Founders & DirectorsThe business management consulting market is poised for substantial expansion, with a notable CAGR of 6.24 percent by the year 2031, as indicated by business analysts. Among the key players in this dynamic landscape is Factise, established in August 2023. With a cadre of seasoned professionals, Factise Consulting, distinguishes itself with a holistic approach which enables it to outperform even the most esteemed global consulting conglomerates. Rather than simply offering guidance, the firm's ethos revolves around crafting tailored strategies designed to yield tangible, measurable results. Leveraging an extensive network of industry specialists and strategic alliances spanning diverse sectors, Factise ensures that clients receive cutting-edge solutions meticulously tailored to their specific requirements, positioning them for success amidst the ever-evolving business terrain.

"Our analysis of educational institutions and hospitals reveals a gap between technological advancement and operational efficiency. We focus on this gap by emphasizing rectifying small inefficiencies that can lead to significant consequences. Additionally, we assist non-profit-oriented organizations, like private educational institutions run by trusts, in maximizing value from their expenditures. As the market evolves, there are ample opportunities for consultancy services to play a crucial role in facilitating growth and efficiency in various sectors", shares Padmaraj Sadanandam, Co-founder & Director, Factise Consulting.

Caters to Holistic Evaluation Methodology

With a unique blend of expertise in
performance coaching, strategic orientation, and transformation initiatives, Factise delivers a comprehensive range of services to clients. Specializing in industries such as educational institutions, healthcare providers, technology services, and manufacturing, Factise offers solutions within a proven global business framework.

Factise operates based on an award winning robust assessment methodology called the business acceleration framework. This framework is industry-specific and combines quantitative and qualitative assessments, with an emphasis on data analysis. It provides a holistic assessment of an organization, taking into account factors such as people, processes, and technology. Additionally, Factise employs a proprietary impact mapping approach known as EBEE (Efficiency, Behavioral Enablement, External Factors) mapping, which helps identify constraints and propellants within the organization. This approach allows for a deep understanding of the organization's DNA and pinpoints where impacts occur.

Factise Consulting's ethos revolves around crafting tailored strategies designed to yield tangible, measurable results

Furthermore, Factise utilizes a simulation engine to provide scenario analysis, enabling clients to prioritize efforts and allocate resources effectively.These methodologies serve as USPs and core differentiators, providing clients with unparalleled insights and strategic guidance for business acceleration. "Our award winning Factise Business Acceleration Framework enables us to assess organizations quantitatively and qualitatively, reducing dependency on individuals. By fiscal year 2025, we aim to transform this framework into an application. Currently, we are proof pointing our assessment framework across various market segments, targeting education and technology in Q1 2024, followed by MSME and healthcare in Q2", adds Chandru Durairaj, Co-founder and Director, Factise Consulting.

In conclusion, Factise's goal is to offer business assessment as a service (BAaaS) through a cloud-hosted platform, ensuring affordability and efficiency. With a lean organizational structure, the firm aims to grow its team from less than five members to 30 by fiscal year 2026. Factise aims to expand its reach beyond India by focusing on emerging markets such as Africa and Southeast Asia in the coming years.

"By fiscal year 2025, the firm plans to launch a fully functional cloud-based application for business assessment as a service, positioning itself as a pioneer in this category. Currently, in the proof of-concept stage, Factise is leveraging its initial client base to understand market segments and ensure that the application meets the specific needs of clients. Looking ahead, the firm may seek investment to support the growth of its business assessment as a service offering", sums up Padmaraj.