Finheal: Shrinking Time for Loan Approval to Just 48 Hours

Your lack of experience could be a major hindrance to get a business loan. As most of the banks ask for at least three years of experience in the domain for approval of loan application, it took a toll on an ex-Airtel executive when he wanted to expand his entrepreneurial venture to another level.

Finheal acts as the one-stop solution for all the financial needs and holds proficiency in providing loans, credit card, insurance, mutual funds and investment advisory services

Aiming to take his one year old franchise to the next level, his dream reached a stumbling block when banks and NBFCs rejected to approve of his loan application. This is when he turned to Finheal a New Delhi based firm, which closely observed his profile including the profits he made last year. Getting convinced, Finheal persuaded a NBFC to fund the person with relatively low rate of interest compared to what a private financer would ask for. Elated with the service, the customer alone contributed about Rs.15-18 crore (including references) of business in just one year to Finheal. This is just one of the various success stories defining the efficiency of services provided by Finheal.

Services Offered
Incorporated in 2015 by Aditya Shankar (CEO & Co-Founder) and Anand Shankar (CMO & Co-Founder), Finheal acts as
one-stop solution for all the financial needs of an individual and holds proficiency in providing business loans, car loans, personal loans, home loans, credit card, insurance, mutual funds and investment advisory services. All a customer has to do is to visit the company's website, which offers instant application of loans and investment products for salaried individuals, self-employed professionals and self-employed businessmen. The online portal eases the complexities that customers go through while applying for various financial services.

"Finheal is committed to make the entire process smooth and hassle free for customers starting from advising the right product to helping in completion of documentation till disbursement of the loan," says Aditya. Managed by professionals, this one-year old startup has a highly experienced and skilled team which provides state-of-the-art services to its customers leveraging its tie-ups with various major banks and NBFCs. Besides providing loans and investment products, the company also acts as an investment advisor with focus on need based investment products with a vision to replace the product-centric approach by need-based approach.

After overcoming the initial challenges like time management and funding problems, Finheal now has found a stable platform to provide its services through its highly efficient team of 32 members, which is expected to reach around 100 within March
Aditya Shankar,Co-Founder&CEO

Aditya Shankar


2017. The revenue generation of the company depends on the products they provide, and the company does not charge its customers except for the advisory services.

Future Roadmap
With partners like HDFC Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, RBL Bank, Religare, Capital First, ICICI Bank, IndusInd Bank, Edelweiss and many more, Finheal now aims to expand and open its branches in the states of UP and Bihar, where it sees huge business opportunities. It is also working to create a revolutionary online portal where the customers are needed to just fill an application regarding their requirements and upload all their documents online, after which the bank will look into the application & documents, and approve the loan within 48 hour. The company is already working with two banks and aims to start the technology with five banks. "We will float an NBFC also soon for this purpose. This will create a massive impact in financial industry and specially FinTech space," concludes Anand.