Flavalon IT Solution: Building Trust through its Brand

Dylon Moraes,Founder & CEO

Dylon Moraes

Founder & CEO

The journey of Flavalon IT Solution began in June 2015 with an aim to create the best IT support experience for the Indian home owner. It all started when Dylon Moraes constantly heard people com-plain about their laptop breaking down or their smart-phones not performing like the way it used to. Due to their busy lives they never got time to fix these issues nor could they find a trustworthy repair centre to get their devices fixed. They would go on a hunt to find the best provider and often get frustrated in the process. After finding one service centre in their location, they would get their devices fixed, but later faced the same issue and they would repeat the same process all over again. This was when the idea of building a trustworthy brand without the need of a customer to visit a service centre occurred to Dylon. This marked the beginning. "The journey since then has been wonderful with the addition of design and IT services and we continue to add value to our clients and customers. Over the years we've grown from a consumer IT provider to now being a business IT service provider covering Managed IT Services, Web & Mobile App Development, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing and Data Analytics," says Dylon.

As the CEO & Founder, Dylon is responsible for the overall operations, profitability and
management of the company. He doesn't shy off in doing anything that's thrown at him; be it solving some IT query or making important business decisions, he has a unique way of getting things done. Prior to finding Flavalon IT, Dylon worked for various companies into IT in India and the UK. He has held different senior positions and also managed teams while making key decisions in improving IT infrastructure.

The Silver Lining
Flavalon IT understands the demands and needs of a SME business and has the potential to deliver remarkable results which are fine-tuned for every industry. The breadth of experience in IT and design along with our growing skills in data analytics ensures that businesses derive the best of these services by working with one trusted partner. "We are a strong team of IT experts, designers, content creators, marketers', data analysts who work cohesively with a common goal of exceeding our clients' expectations," he informs

Flavalon IT understands the demands and needs of a SME business and has the potential to deliver remarkable results which are fine-tuned for every industry

What makes the company stand out in the crowd is the team's strong desire to serve clients better and ensure that their requirements are understood and met under all circumstances with the highest standards.

Towards a Bright Future
Flavalon IT has come a long way from where it had be-gun. The company has carved a niche in the market and is defined by its values of loyalty, accessibility, non-resistance, amongst others. In the coming years, it aims to be the best Technology and De-sign service provider to the Consumer and SME market and develop fresh talented workforce to drive and achieve business objectives. Flavalon IT also aims to be the leader in consulting clients on trending technologiessuch as Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Blockchain, IoT to name a few. "To showcase our expertise in Data Analytics, we are currently providing free proof of concept to selective businesses", he informs. On the horizon is also to build its proprietary business applications that solve complex business challenges. "Our visionis to deliver TRUST through our brand and build strong RELATIONSHIPS with our clients, customers and suppliers," he concludes.