Fncyber: Promising Direct & Uncomplicated Cybersecurity Consulting

  Vinfred Christopher,   Co-FounderWith the rapidly expanding cybersecurity space over the last few years, India has seen a significant rise in cybersecurity incidents, with an increase in frequency and sophistication. With this, the Indian government has taken several initiatives to improve the country's cybersecurity infrastructure. Despite these efforts, cybersecurity remains a major fret in India, with many organizations still lacking adequate measures to safeguard their assets, networks, and data. Hence to address these issues, there is a need to build cyber-resilient infrastructure supported by procedural and practicing efficacy to yield sustainable business economics.

Understanding the current security dynamics, FNCYBER is a group of purebred Cybersecurity Practitioners who bring gold standards of cybersecurity practices within reach of every organization. FNCYBER offers the industry's first Open CISO program, through which top-tier CISO expertise can be sourced at no cost. FNCYBER understands the value and purpose of cybersecurity and recognizes that not all organizations receive timely CISO-Expert Guidance, particularly during their digital transformation. The main goal of such an endeavor is to make all experience, information, and learning available to all organizations, regardless of size or industry. The company's founders have over 20+ years of expertise in the security industry and hold gold standard certifications such as CISSP, CISM, and CRISC. FNCYBER has a tactical approach to addressing any cybersecurity matter with its knowledge-sharing advisory which helps not
only to fix the security issue but also spread awareness thereby creating a security culture in the organizational workforce.

“Our solutions combine tried-andtrue technology that provides just the necessary levels of security while remaining cost-effective. For example, the Security Monitoring Solution that we deploy is the same as the one in use at Apple and NASA. We make it easily accessible to all organizations”, highlights Vinfred Christopher, Co-Founder, FNCYBER.

Mitigating the Complete Spectrum of Threat
Today, FNCYBER has carved a niche for itself in providing cyber risk management solutions that assist organizations in identifying and managing cyber hazards through risk assessments, vulnerability assessments, and penetration testing. In addition, the company provides incident response planning, security operations center(SOC) design and implementation, and security information and event management (SIEM) services to help organizations improve their cybersecurity operations.

FNCYBER has assisted organizations in developing and implementing cybersecurity strategies, as well as transforming existing cybersecurity programs to align with business objectives. Furthermore, since data protection and privacy are critical for every given business, FNCYBER assists organizations in protecting their data and complying with data privacy legislation through data governance, data classification, and privacy program design. In addition, FNCYBER specializes in building cybersecurity programs for businesses that are synonymous with business objectives while at the same time assisting them in meeting their regulatory obligations.

Moreover, FNCYBER assists organizations in developing and implementing incident response plans to mitigate the impact of cybersecurity incidents and ensure business continuity. The company offers cybersecurity awareness training to help employees understand their role in cybersecurity and mitigate the risks associated with human error. Additionally, FNCYBER performs penetration testing to simulate cyber assaults and detect vulnerabilities in an organization's systems and networks, as well as assists organizations in complying with various cybersecurity rules and standards, such as GDPR, PCI DSS, and ISO 27001. With all of these solutions at its disposal, the company has been successfully aiding clients across industries including FinTech, IT Solutions & Services, and the Government Sector, among others.

“We use industry-vetted academia and research to provide sturdy product agnostic solutions. We value the trust and are here to help develop it in the World of Zero Trust. We are small and sharp, with a flair for dealing with complexity. We are poised to take off, wherein, we slice and dice the corporate environment and disclose weaknesses that are buried in plain sight. We investigate controls from the existing environment, maximize current ROI, and only then offer technology possibilities”, concludes Vinfred.