Force Tech Training: Empowering a Safety-Driven Clan via Bespoke Safety-Solutions

Major Mandeep Garewal,Managing Director & Consultant

Major Mandeep Garewal

Managing Director & Consultant

The ‘Make in India’ project executed by the Government of India has driven the country into becoming one of the leading manufacturing economies globally. Although the country’s growth is pacing at rapid rates, its industrial lifestyle is taking a toll on the safety & health (S&H) of its people. With around 950 deaths and over 720,000 casualties everyday due to occupational accidents, the demand for adopting stringent safety & health measures has become an uncompromising priority. Yet most unfortunately, S&H experts haven’t met a satisfactory ratio to control these rising misfortunes. Exceptionally, emerging with a passionate zeal and keen determination to proffer expertise /support in OHS/SHE/SSHE segments is Force Tech Training (FTT), a Delhi-based consulting company established in 2011 to fulfill this very purpose. Proffering unrivalled customized services to both national and international clients, the company dedicates a full range of safety & health services to businesses and organizations, including corporate, SME, government and non-profit sectors.

With its PAN India presence, FTT proffers strategic development and on-site requirements
irrespective of business size. Right from development of S&H Management System to a simple assessment of client’s needs, the company provides the best, most suitable cost-effective multi-site solutions. The company prepares and offers report findings and recommendations in terms of whole or site-by-site business regarding S&H concerns, utilizing a thorough auditing process. Moreover, FTT owns long experiences of outsourcing S&H support and training services for significant corporate organizations. A list of the company’s specialization includes Workplace Safety Inspections /Audits, Safety Training/Meetings and Safety Compliance Tools/PPE. Furthermore, other services target client assistance in making management decisions and strategic planning to design, refine or update existing SSHE policies and implementing new policies & plans that address S&H and loss prevention business needs.

Customized Services & Established Safe-Zones
With every customized service strategically curated to deliver day-to-day efficiencies, as well as long-term advantages, FTT outlines well-planned safety-management maps that can be delivered independently or as integrated bundles to its clients. A market leader in work at height, fall arrest, rescue solutions & training, the company develops bespoke solutions and special training programs across industries and business sectors. Additionally, as an expert for road safety & defensive driving training, the company attempts to mitigate road mishaps enhancing safety at school or business/industrial zones, in partnership with FICCI.

FTT pioneers in establishing safety programs(Personal
Protection Programs)for companies /institutions employing large numbers of female employees. The training aims at instilling awareness and teaching women to remain safe. Besides this, the company strives for optical-fibre workers’ safety during on-site work hours.

Establishing bonds as trusted partners rather than mere vendors, FTT conducts TNA (Training Need Analysis) utilizing state-of-the-art technology automating processes like training-bookings, allotment of trainers, generation of ID cards and more, thereby procuring high security with its cloud-based training management systems and easy accessibility(for clients). FTT, moreover, utilizes ‘Six Sigma DMAIC Quality Approach’ customizing it to meet requirements and achieve continuous improvement and introduced industry-first ‘Portfolio of Evidence’ to record training standards achieved by every individual participant.

Esteemed Partnerships& Future Road Map
The ISO 9001,ISO 14001,& OHSAS 18001 certified company, member of NSCI, Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents(RoSPA),UK and owns an internationally audited 11,000sq.ft. 'Safety Centre for Excellence’ L&D training facility. Bagging a 30 percent annual growth, the company has laid plans to establish government collaborations to generate and spread safety awareness, while retaining partnerships with an esteemed clientele like Google, Huawei, Reliance Jio, EXL Service, Tata Communications and many others.