Fortemagna Advisors: Assisting Startups in Fundraising through a Unique Technology Platform

Vikrant Potnis,DirectorOver the past few years, a swarm of fundraising consultants have been making false promises to diverse startups on raising funds for their businesses at huge fees. Besides, most of these consultants hold no experience with regards to raising capital for their own firm or other firms. On the other hand, technology startups and entrepreneurs blindly sign-up with these consultants with no knowledge about their past works and lose their hard-earned money. These appalling scenarios greatly triggered Vikrant Potnis (MD) to lay the foundation for Fortemagna Advisors with an aim of assisting startups and SMEs at their early stage of business to flourish and achieve scalability. Fortemagna Advisors has been etching its excellence through technological expertise, affordable services, transparency, scalability, and vast experience in raising funds (over $30 million) for itself as well as its clients.

Unique Process
Vikrant articulates, "While working with startups and SMEs at their early stage, we witnessed a dearth in aware-ness and knowledge among them with respect to raising capital and the process." Majority of them believed that they can't create a business without fundraising and misconceived it as a success metric. Hence, Fortemagna Advisors
came-up with a unique technology platform ­ `FundEnable' that assists founders in raising capital through stringent three-step process that firstly involves capability building (12 online modules) on the science of raising capital through equity. The second step entails empowering them to raise capital by giving them necessary tools and templates to raise a round. This includes business plan templates, financial projection templates, term sheets, due diligence checklist and many other elements at one place which can be modified according to their business requirements. Besides, the company has a dedicated helpline number to resolve their queries and concerns on time via an expert team. The final step is the `Investor Connect' module wherein clients can directly contact the right set of investors based on a matching algorithm to raise funds for their business.

Fortemagna Advisors has been etching its excellence through technological expertise, affordable services, transparency, scalability, and vast experience in raising funds for itself as well as its clients

All these services are delivered at a minimal charge of Rs.5,000 (+GST) for a one-year subscription to clients in India with no success fee, while clients across Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Africa, Egypt, South Africa and other emerging geographies are also minimally charged. Besides B2C clients, Fortemagna Advisors caters to large incubators such as PDPU-IIC Gandhinagar, IIT Hyderabad, IIT Mandi Catalysts, AIC BHU, AIC-Banasthali, CIIE - IIM A, and many others. In addition, the company has trained 1000+ individuals across Tier-II & III cities while aiming to reach 50,000 subscribers for its platform by 2021.

Behind this rich excellence lies an ace team of engineers, CAs, business professionals and technology experts with vast experience in raising capital for themselves as well as investment banks. Vikrant personally holds 10 years of experience in investment banking and Venture Capital (VC) as well as working with incubi tees from esteemed incubators.

The Road Ahead
Through FundEnable, Fortemagna Advisors is creating a new category called `Fund-Tech'. The aim of the company is to become the largest fundraising assistance platform for businesses across emerging geographies. Besides, the company aspires to be-come a strategic partner of large investment banks and consulting firms who aim to venture into the early stage venture ecosystem.