GAA Advisory: Comprehensive Corporate Advisory Services Ranging from Engineering Consultancy to Financial Market Research

Nitin A. Garg,Partner- Valuation
Nitin A.Garg, Partner- Valuation

Unprecedented globalization along with connectivity are reshaping the marketplace and transforming the way business is conducted. Today, when India is throwing up investment avenues in new sectors, there is a vital need to tender specialized advisory services to the corporate world in their efforts towards industrial advancement. Accurate, reliable valuation and consulting services also play major role in the success of every business investment strategy. GAA Advisory(GAA) with its team of seasoned professionals possessing ample technical expertise in the field of engineering & finance (valuation, advisory and consultancy) across diverse industrial sectors (power, automobile & more)is uniquely positioned to fulfill this need.
As a catalyst of industrial growth, GAA provides a comprehensive range of services from due diligence, valuation consulting,lender’s engineer, research, transaction audit,real estate advisory, Techno – Economic Feasibility Studies to restructuring and liquidation valuation, besides advising enterprises to make an astute
business decision. These services are delivered to diverse set of customers ranging from corporates, developers, banks, financial institutions and government(Ministry of finance). The firm’s world-class capabilities, combined with an agile and responsive delivery, distinguishes the GAA client experience. The venture hasa history of consistently delivering high-class valuation services(100+ intangible valuations in last two years). “We did valuation of all the assets owned by Jaypee Associates in the biggest restructuring exercise of debt of Rs.50,000 crore and have done brand valuation of Videocon,”adds Nitin A.Garg, Partner- Valuation, GAA Advisory.

"GAA’s world-class capabilities, combined with an agile and responsive delivery, distinguishes the GAA client experience"

Overcoming Barriers
GAA partners with the investors such as banks, financial institutes NBFC and PE funds to ensure safety of their investment in the under construction projects and achievement of predefined goals. This is achieved by deploying experienced sectorial expert skilled in construction and financial management. To specifically cater to the complex needs of valuation under IBC 2016, company has created a specialized team consisting of industry veterans. “In developed countries, there are well laid and time tested insolvency and bankruptcy law in case of failure of businesses. IBC code
2016 that adopts best practices across the developed economies to restores bad assets, is relatively new to India. Thus, valuing the stressed assets in current economic scenario and to ensure its resolution poses a unique challenge,”professes Nitin.

GAA’s dedicated team of experts constantly researches wherein they keep abreast team with new industry updates, changing laws and amendments in act. This helps GAA to resolve client’s problems efficiently, keeping them ahead of their competitors. Furthermore, GAA has deployed proprietary in-house software with artificial intelligence algorithm's that manages data flow and work flow within the office at multiple locations, apart from show casing time frame for project completion, billing cycle, work cycle, and bottle necks in executions. With its multidisciplinary technical expertise across various industry segments, GAA continues to bring clarity to complex situations whilst delivering customized solutions to clients. Experiencing a revenue growth of 30-40 percent from last five years, the company that has operation centers across Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai & Bangalore envisions opening two more offices in Hyderabad and Kolkata. In continuation to its goal of providing gilt-edge corporate advisory services GAA intends to acquire a merchant bank licence. The license would not only help in expanding its clientele but will also help in boosting its clientele.