Girish Global Holdings: Emerging as a One-Stop-Shop for All Day-to-Day Customer Needs with Innovative Platforms

Girish Singh,Chairman

Girish Singh


It’s a Bird... It’s a Plane... It’s Superman! Faster than the ‘Flash’, brawnier than the mighty ‘Aquaman’ and explicitly cannier than Gotham’s ‘Batman’, the Man of Steel steals the show with his protean versatile dexterity in saving the world. Appertaining congruency with Superman’s manifold knack, Girish Singh (Founder & Chairman) has engineered his all-round business conglomerate, Girish Global Holdings (GGH) - a one-stop-shop for all customer needs in the e-Commerce realm, which incorporates innovative platforms in diverse verticals and delivers end-to-end customer services over one click. Starting from social sites to grocery, fashion to eatery, and travel to technology, it covers all the requisites of the customers with utmost priority.

Diverse Product Range & Service Modules
Within a short span of time, after incorporating Cosmickent Techno (GGH’s current IT wing) in 2015, Girish along with close associates started to analyse the gap and bridge it through profound market analysis. This led to the consolidation of Hyderabad-based Girish Global Holdings(GGH)in 2017 and paving path for Ivigoo, Tengen, Nutri Quantum, WeDoBest, My Jobs Bank Spartxo and Get Marry App into its portfolio later in the same year. What sets this e-Commerce startup apart is its excellence in delivering unparalleled quality products with paramount customer satisfaction. As evidence, look no further than the 60+ brands the company has set up thus far, which are thriving in the market within such a brief time. It deals with immensely vast range of products that are offered from various categories that include Information Technology, Real Estate, Internet Services, Marketing and Advertising, Entertainment, Travel & Tourism, e-Commerce, Electronics,
Film Production, Education, Health & Fitness, Car Rental, Apparel & Fashion, Healthcare, Retail, Social, Food & Beverages, Kids, Beauty and Printing.

What sets Girish Global apart is its excellence in delivering unparalleled quality products with paramount customer satisfaction

Contemplating the contemporary market milieu and striking cords with business challenges from other competitive sites, GGH has been offering its customers the benefit of affordable pricing with great discount offers. Beholding its shaft on building an ecosystem of projects, Girish has conceptualized 'WeDoBest' where this multi-facet firm offers anything and everything at customer door step. While most companies offering such diverse services either act as a market place by self or they depend on other vendors for fulfilment, GGH is moving a step ahead by building a retail platform which serves fulfilment for 'We Do Best' services. This way, an additional project bolsters 'WeDoBest' and subsequently some other project gets linked with retail platform again.

Magic through Dedicated Customer Services
Girsh & Co passionately work towards pioneering compound ways of elevating customer satisfaction in every possible way. The team not only burns the midnight oil on delivering quality products but engages its customers with a reliable shopping experience for lifetime unlike other profit-minded sites. In addition to complying to all standard protocols and guidelines with a strong legal and privacy policy framework to safeguard the user/ business data, GGH also establishes customer responsive returns and cancellation paradigms. Undertaking such flexible and extremely customer-friendly company policies and pivotal technical help lines, it devises to concoct its e-Commerce store furthermore pervasive and making the inline services ubiquitous. Girish asserts, “Our products might be available in several other platforms but the real magic happens once a
customer purchases our product. Our customer support is legendary and it makes them unique in a sea of uncaring stores”.

The Tech & the Team
Manoeuvring on disruptive technologies like Blockchain & AI alongside the currently operating fleet of technologies which includes Larvel frame work, MVC, Entity frame work, NOD, Angular JS, Ionic frame work and many more, the team outlines on designing a distinctive single stack technology by merging all its platforms created till date. Not only it values its customers, partners and vendors but also its employees and culture, thus leaving no stone unturned to make the company an amazing place to work. Be it the technical or non-technical resources, GGH encourages all of its 400+ staff to be well equipped in terms of knowledge to handle the market requirement in best possible ways. Boasting about its extensive range of expert services and unbeaten teamwork ensuing triumphant accomplishment of all its customers’ needs and requirements, Girish adjoins, “We have innovative minds and specialists who have expertise in the relevant fields and look after the concerned departments while working rigorously to enrich the services”.

Better Lifestyle Ahead
Envisioning creating better lifestyle for people and guiding every aspect of the business by accomplishing sustainable quality growth, it embarks a mutual enduring value by nurturing a winning network of customers and suppliers. Growing at a 40 percent rate, each of its vertical (which are evolving as individual profit centers) are on the verge of starting off and hitting revenues in the next two months. Overlaying all the essential products and services that a person requires in day-to-day life, GGH foresees to render its cogent services to its clientele forever.

Key Management:
Girish Singh, Chairman
Besides being a life coach and motivational speaker, Girish perceives to bridge the gaps in the market and create a hassle-free shopping experience for both the seller & buyer.

Head Office: Hyderabad and Malaysia